Choosing Unstitched Suits Other Than Readymade Suits

Unstitched suits are one of the best options as compared to the ready made suit. Sometimes you need to alter the readymade suits but there is nothing like this when you get a dress material stitched as per your own choice. The best thing is that you can get it tailored as per your choice and desired pattern. You can search online for wholesale dealers for dress materials and can get some prettier ones from there.

In ready to wear suits, sometimes you don’t like the colour and sometimes you don’t like the pattern but you have no other choice as you have to do a bit of compromise regarding your selection. But that’s not when you go for dress material. There you can choose your favourite colour and get it stitched in the desired pattern. There are many other advantages of getting an unstitched dress material and here is why.

Colour and Patterns

As we discussed earlier, buying a dress material is far better than buying a ready to wear suit as you can easily get your desired colour options and then get it converted into your favourite pattern. You can even mismatch the bottoms such as cotton palazzo pants wholesale with short anarkali for a gleaming appeal or denim jeans with your straight kurti on a casual basis.


Quality means you can get choices regarding fabric and textures. You can pick the fabric depending on the occasion and season where you are going to wear it. In a ready-made suit due to heavy work you can’t identify the proper fabric and after some time it gets dull and loose so the better option is to go for a dress material and get all the things done as per your taste and choice.

Fit and Measurement

As you will get the dress stitched as per your choice by providing the required length and measurements you are definitely going to get the right fit. Those who wear salwar suits on a daily basis should search for wholesale dealers for dress materials and buy the outfits in bulk so that they get reasonable rates and different patterns of suits at the same time without spending much effort on searching them at different places.


Unstitched suits are a budget-friendly option for every lady. Either you want it for a casual basis or need it for an occasional basis it is always better to go for an unstitched suit. You also get the option of semi stitched suits for which you just need to stitch it as per the fitting and get the salwar stitched in some different styles to get a unique and more stylish look. You also get the option to mismatch the outfit pieces for an amazing look.


As Indian women wear salwar suits on a daily basis they find it convenient to buy dress materials in wholesale and then get it stitched as per their choice. This provides them their favourite pattern at minimal rates. Textile Megastore is the wholesaler of dress materials and you also get sarees, gowns, lehengas and cotton palazzo pants wholesale there in short, every ethnic attire whenever you want them. All the latest and trending options are available to you so you don’t have to bother about anything.

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