Frequently Asked Questions About Restraining Orders

If you are being harassed by someone and feel threatened to be out in public or private spaces, you can file a restraining order against that person. Whether you are close or a stranger, you can seek help from an experienced lawyer who will help protect yourself and your loved ones. Stalker behavior can be harmful and must not be taken lightly at any cost; otherwise, you might end up in a life-threatening situation.

If you are a domestic violence victim or someone harassing you, immediately seek help from a lawyer and get legal advice on securing yourself without compromising your safety or freedom. 

Frequently asked questions about restraining orders.

  • Who is eligible to apply for a restraining order?

A person threatened or harassed doesn’t a family member or stranger can apply for a restraining order. However, if the person harassing is not a family member or does not have a familial history with the victim, the threatened person must apply in the district court for a restraining order.

Cases involving a family member or domestic violence come under the Family Violence Act and must be registered in the Family court, which helps

in gaining protection or restraining orders under the Family Violence Act. 

  • Do I need to hire a lawyer to file for a restraining order?

While hiring a lawyer is not compulsory, applying for a restraining order is challenging as several legal procedures and complications are involved. So hurting a lawyer will make it easier and quicker for you to gain a restraining order from the court. 

Harassment cases are crucial and time-sensitive. If the victim does not act quickly, their life could be at risk. Performing the restraining order procedure without a lawyer will require you to go to the district court to collect all the forms and documents for your case and begin the procedure yourself. 

Although the district court staff is friendly and might provide assistance, having a lawyer will boost the process, and you can get your restraining order as early as possible.

  • Is applying for a restraining order expensive?

Many people assume and misunderstand that applying for a restraining order might cost them a fortune. When in reality, getting a restraining order costs you absolutely nothing. The court does not charge you any fees or charges for applying for a restraining order. However, if you hire a lawyer to deal with the case, you will have to pay their fees. 

  • Is it allowed to take my domestic abuse attorney to court with me while applying for a restraining order?

Yes, you can take your lawyer with you to the Family court to file a case against your harasser. However, before taking your personal lawyer, you must inform in court about it; you can either do it verbally or by writing a letter. 

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