How to connect a Huawei watch on a phone

They gave you a Huawei smartphone watch Do you want to connect it to your Android mobile phone to check your sports activities but don’t know how to do it Have you bought a smart band from a well known Chinese tech company and wondered how to connect with your iPhone to control sleep? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.

In the later chapters of my guide, of course, I will explain more, each step. how to connect a huawei watch to a phone , first show you who the first steps are necessary for the correct connection of the clothes you are using. Next I will show you in detail the ways to have Android come iPhone , about the connection between the two devices (related to the first connections and subsequent connections).

So if you can’t wait to learn more now, sit back and take a few minutes of free time to calmly read what we have to share. You will see that by following my tips, you will quickly succeed in your endeavor. Right now my only wish is that you read on and thanks so much luck with everything!

How to connect Huawei watch to phone on Android

My tutorial will start by explaining to you how to connect a Huawei watch to a phone on android , which indicates, first of all, the first steps to implement and remove the Huawei Health application and activate Bluetooth of GPS on phone.

After that, I will explain how to configure your watch. Huawei to your mobile phone. This is a feature that is possible with Android phone models; so you will be wondering how to connect a huawei watch to a samsung phone Don’t worry and keep reading my tutorial: the methods i will give you are valid for all devices powered by clock robot system.

Management in advance

As mentioned above, to connect a Huawei watch one Android mobile phone first you need to install the Huawei Health application on the phone: the first thing that is included in some new Huawei mobile phone models. Also, it is available in Play Store , from there you can download it by simply visiting the link I gave you just now and pressing the Install button on the pc .

In addition, in order to successfully manage the conditions for pairing the smartphone with your device, you need to enable Bluetooth . To do this, go to the Settings menu Device connection> Bluetooth and then press EN as a result to enable Bluetooth . To make this method faster, you can also click the Bluetooth icon located in the speed bar at the top of the screen.

Design and materials

This is something that is obvious with its design, with two crowns, which makes it more like the design of a custom watch, which allows for a very comfortable use of it, while playing sports and being able to wear it to work. . In addition, the watch allows us to use interchangeable straps, which makes it even more versatile. The way to change the straps is simple, because in each of them we find a mechanism, which allows us to remove them and replace them. This is the same mechanism we see in other smartwatches, as well as conventional watch brands.

This model in its classic version, the one we have tested, comes with a brown leather strap (Pebble Brown) and a black rubber sports shoe. The brown bracelet is very elegant, classic and also very comfortable. Which makes it a pleasure to wear this Huawei Watch GT 2 at all times on the bracelet.

The rubber strap is designed for use when doing sports . It’s a more sporty style, as well as being more resistant. For this reason, especially when used in swimming (the watch allows this option), it is more convenient to use the rubber strap, which is better resistant in this kind of situation. It is also more comfortable in case of sweating or if it rains and gets wet, which will allow for a much more comfortable use of this watch at all times.

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