How to Write a Research Paper

Each paragraph should take you no more than two or three minutes to put together. After that, write your conclusion for three minutes before going back to the beginning of the essay. You need to modify the tone and perspective of your article’s start to make it more consistent.

The first paragraph of your essay should provide a hook.

If you want your reader to read your essay, you may use a number of hooks to do so.

The following is an example of a stunning or intriguing fact:

If your essay’s subject matter has personal experiences or significant times in their life, this might be the focus of this essay. At the age of 26, Anthony, for example, started to dress more casually and became engaged in social change. She was reared as a Quaker.¬† If you need same day essay, please visit our website.

Scathing criticism:

It’s OK if this is relevant to the topic of your essay. It is a well-known Anthony statement that: “Cautious persons, always casting about to safeguard their reputation and social standing, can never bring about change. Ignoring the implications of publicly and privately announcing your support for ideas and advocates that are reviled and loathed is not an option if you’re serious about your cause.

Here’s a story that will remain with you:

An anecdote is a short story used to illustrate a point or illustrate a metaphor in literature. Anecdotes and stories might be used in a poetic or appealing way to begin your essay.

Inquiring minds want to know:

Think of a compelling question to get your reader’s attention. “Did you ever wonder how women in the United States were awarded the right to vote?” is an excellent place to start.

Now is the time to draught your three body paragraphs.

Each paragraph should provide at least one example of your main concept. The first sentence of each paragraph should make a powerful argument, followed by an example that demonstrates your core point. As an example, consider the following sentence from a biography of Susan B. Anthony:

The following is the opening sentence of the body paragraphs:

Start by mentioning Anthony’s early successes. Consider Stanton and Anthony’s 1863 founding of the Women’s Loyal National League. Slavery and women’s suffrage were among the issues addressed by the first national women’s political organisation, which had a membership of 5,000.

Second paragraph of the body

You may also bring up Anthony’s mid-career struggles. In May 1869, the women’s movement was split in two when Anthony and Stanton created NWSA and the American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA) fought.

Organization for Gender Equality and the Right to Vote (AWSA).

Anthony, for example, dedicated her whole life to the cause of women’s suffrage, rising to the position of president of the NWSA in 1890 and carrying on the fight long after the war had ended. The fact that Anthony was single at the time gave her an edge in the eyes of the law, since married women couldn’t sign official documents and had to defer to their husbands.

The following is the section’s third paragraph:

It’s possible that in her later years, you’ll bring up her many speeches pushing women to vote and advocating for equal rights in the United States of America. In spite of the fact that Anthony passed away in 1906, she established the framework for the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which granted women the right to vote, and gave women a strong sense of empowerment and equality via her 40 years of tireless labour.

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