Important of CBD, and how can you buy CBD products in Switzerland

What is cannabis?

Marijuana, known in English as Marijuana (scientific name: Cannabis sativa L.), is a plant. The trunk is not more than 2 meters high and looks like a bush. Segmented trunk: Many branches, green leaves, 5-7 lobes, and a small bouquet. along with the components of the trunk.

Properties of cannabis

Even being classified as a drug but cannabis is considered a medicinal plant. In the past, marijuana was commonly used as a medicine. and used for recreation.

Marijuana contains two substances, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).

The THC content in marijuana accounts for up to 1-20%, a substance that causes drunkenness, but in medicine. This substance can help reduce pain. Stimulate appetite Helps treat side effects from chemotherapy, but in patients who use this substance for treatment, Dry mouth, dry eyes, and slowed response may occur.

CBD is less common in cannabis. It is a substance that does not cause drunkenness or doze but is useful in medicine as a pain reliever. Relieve insomnia and cure epilepsy; it is also a substance that is popularly used as an ingredient in cosmetics and skincare.

Marijuana is legal!

Despite the medicinal benefits of marijuana, in the past, classified marijuana as a drug and an illegal plant. But recently, The Ministry of Public Health has issued an announcement specifying the names of narcotics of category 5 to some parts of marijuana. not classified as a drug

These include hemp bark, hemp stem, hemp fibers, hemp branches and stems, hemp roots, and hemp leaves. Hanfpost CBD shop is legal in Switzerland.

In addition, people can grow, extract, process, and produce cannabis but must obtain permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Will receive a license number, able to grow, extract, process, and produce cannabis legally, and can bring different parts of legal marijuana that can be used without further permission.

According to the Narcotics Act, qualified people can obtain permission to grow, extract, process, and produce cannabis, including government agencies, higher education institutions, farmers, community enterprises, cooperatives, doctors, pharmacists, traditional Thai medicine, etc.

Cannabis and the food business

The food business is on the verge of thriving when cannabis is legal, and many food and beverage outlets have begun to mix cannabis with other ingredients. There is also the creation of new menus. that uses cannabis as a raw material to be sold.

But cooking cannabis is Considered to be careful.

The first thing to be careful of is that the law only allows the use of ‘marijuana leaves for cooking because it is the part that contains the lowest THC compared to other factors.

The second thing to be careful of is concentration can be an intoxicating

cannabis concentration. Where can you measure it?

The concentration of cannabis depends on the amount of THC in the cannabis leaves. Typically, fresh cannabis leaves freshly picked from the plant do not contain THC but do contain a substance called THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), which is not intoxicating. It can get drunk or THC when processed. here it is Cooking cannabis leaves. You will collect all CBD products from Hanfpost CBD shop in Switzerland.

If cooking cannabis leaves on high heat and taking longer to cook, THCA is converted to THC, known as the hotter, and the longer it is added to the oil, the more THC is extracted from the cannabis leaves. The THC content is higher than the young cannabis leaves.

Where can you buy cannabis?

And if you want to buy cannabis leaves to create a food menu, where to buy them?

According to the law, CBD shop, restaurants, and beverage shops that want to use cannabis for cooking or drinks for sale Must be purchased from a farm licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only and must be sold through the store. It cannot be packed in a container or packaged and distributed the product to other places to sell if it is sold in labeled packaging. Must request permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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