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Kansas City Home Renovation: 8 Ways to Liven up Old Home Features

The value of homes in Kansas City has increased significantly in recent years. This has led to a movement amongst homeowners in renovation and revamping their properties in a way that just wasn’t present previously. Now, there is more value than ever in owning, selling, and purchasing property in this area and so, there is also a bigger inclination to push properties to better standards throughout the interior and exterior. If you are here for inspiration, then read on for eight easy ways to liven up old home features and add value to a property. 

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Focus on Revamping Old Floors

Old floorboards can be a stunning feature if they are looked after properly. Many potential buyers look for old-style flooring while browsing properties on the housing market. Carpets are fine, but the trend is arguably shifting towards wanting a more stripped back, easier to manage option like wooden floors. So, if the floorboards have seen better days, where can you turn for help? One option is SVB Wood Floors Restoration, a Kansas City based company that provides restoration services to neglected wooden flooring and brings them up to a better, refreshed standard. 

Clean Up Upholstery

Along this theme, upholstery is another key feature of any home that is well used and can therefore fall victim to damage, stains, and general wear and tear issues. Cleaning up upholstery may not even occur as an option; however, it is possible to clean a couch or a feature chair by yourself. Lots of standard carpet cleaning devices have the option of adding an upholstery tool. Purchase the specific furniture shampoo as this is usually different from carpet based products, and follow the instructions. You’d be surprised how much life is breathed into a room simply by tidying up what is already in there. 


This may sound simple, but painting a space adds vibrancy and a sense of style, comfort, and tidiness that it was probably lacking beforehand. Top tips for painting the main room include:

  • Strip down that outdated wallpaper. Wallpaper is slowly but surely becoming a trend of the past and while it may have value in certain rooms, like a bedroom, it has no place in the living room. It is also much harder to maintain the aesthetic side of wallpaper because, once ripped or drawn on, or even muddied up by pets, it essentially needs replacing to look a good standard once more. 
  • Pick the right color. A revamp does not have to mean any drastic action taken, so avoid anything too major but don’t be afraid to be bold with your choices either. White is one to avoid because it sucks all of the character out of a room, and even though some people prefer a blank slate, it is not a good way to make a room feel alive and looked after. Warm colors, pastel colors, and earth tones all provide a calming sense of comfort and are easy to match up with soft furnishings, artwork, and rugs. 
  • Cover everything up! There is nothing worse than getting wall paint on a treasured piece of furniture, or family picture, or even a floor, and dealing with the inevitable stains and hard work removing it. Get some old sheets, or even bin bags and make sure important things are either removed or covered up to avoid any devastating accidents from occurring. 

Get Organised

Clean out all of the clutter and unnecessary items from the house. A house wide decluttering is an integral part of home ownership every now and then. It makes a space feel more alive immediately, provides an opportunity for restructuring, and makes a room feel tidier in general. It also promotes and supports better mental health as a clear and tidy environment is more nurturing and has been shown to actively reduce anxiety in sufferers. 

Put some shelves up in the corners or as a statement feature, browse the second-hand sites for a quirky bookshelf, and buy some storage style baskets or boxes from a local store to tidy all the small bits off the floor, and into a place. There are so many options for moving a space towards a better organizational structure – the trick is to find what works for your home. 

Look to the Small Details

A room is incomplete without the smaller, finer details. Put up shelves and fill them with books, place candles everywhere where candles could be placed, and find interesting and (easy to look after) plants to add a splash of life and vibrancy into the mix. There are plenty of options to play with, and thankfully none of these actions require too much money either. The top tips are as follows:

  • Make sure everything matches the color scheme. There is no point in painting up the walls for the soft furnishings to feel out of place and clash. 
  • Throw pillows are comfortable but also practical. They add a sense of comfort and variety and make a home feel more inviting. The same is true of blankets. 
  • Plants are one of the best ways to add life to any area. They not only improve air quality, but they look great too and are a focal feature when put in the right place. 
  • Hang pictures in random frames. Eclectic styling is not everyone’s preference, but when it comes to artwork and family photos, a random selection of frames looks better than a standard set that matches in a straight line. 

Don’t Forget the Ceilings

Ceilings, though not the main attraction, are still important. A cracked, stained ceiling is bound to draw the eye. If a room is being decorated, don’t forget to add the ceiling into the mix as well. Paint, fix, and restore to bring a space together. 

Even though it can be overwhelming to choose where to start, fixing up a house can also be a lot of fun. It is an opportunity to put a personal style stamp and reinvigorate all the things that drew you to the space in the first place.

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