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Marketing for lawyers: Why traditional ways no longer work

9 out of 10 law firms still rely on traditional client acquisition through local banner ads or rely on referrals from existing clients. In addition, marketing and active client acquisition in this industry tends to have a disreputable touch in German-speaking countries, even if every law firm wants to win more wealthy clients. click here for more info from Bible Verse

The defensive attitude towards “marketing for lawyers” is becoming even more acute as a result of digitization. Your prospects are looking for you online and traditional ways like local banner ads are almost completely ignored by your prospects due to the amount of advertising.

The fact is: If your law firm is only slightly visible online in the future and you do not go into a digital, helpful dialogue when researching your potential clients (buyer journey), you will not receive lucrative mandates and lose existing mandates to your competition.

The question now is: What does modern law firm marketing and online marketing for lawyers actually look like in order to win new clients seriously and sustainably?

What is modern law firm marketing and how do you win lucrative mandates with it?

In principle, marketing has the task of finding interested parties in the market who have a need for your service. The traditional way here is mostly directed “outside” by trying to gain attention through advertising or active recommendations. On the other hand, there is modern marketing, which is more “inward” and a digital, helpful dialogue with the potential client.

An example makes this clear: A potential client is looking for information about an impending divorce. In this phase, your prospect is not looking for a specific divorce lawyer, but only for information such as “custody of the children”, “financial equalization of the spouses”, etc. 

Because you rely on modern marketing, the prospect will find a blog article, a YouTube video or a Podcast exactly on this topic of yours. You give him free and non-binding initial information in his research process and position yourself as a trustworthy expert on his problem (so you go into the digital, helping dialog).

What are the best lead sources for lawyers?

If you want a steady flow of leads to your law firm or legal services, here are the top lead generation strategies to adopt:

No matter what profession you are in, your website is the most stable and trusted marketing asset. 

A professionally designed website is essential to make a positive impression on your potential customers.

Most legal consumers prefer to visit the law firm’s website to get the necessary information before committing their cases. Click here for more Log in to Zoom

So if you want to impress your website visitors, your website should look like this:

  • It needs to be mobile-friendly since most of your website traffic comes from there, including your potential customers.
  • Your website should load quickly.
  • Your website should have good visibility, which is possible by implementing SEO strategies to improve your SERP rankings.
  • Your website design should be attractive and easy to navigate. Live chat and callback features are probably some of the essential services that could be included on your website to make it easier to get in touch.
  • Your web content should be authentic and authoritative. Because legitimate websites fall under the YMYL category, any content you post on your website should be factually correct and accurate.
  • Your legitimate website should be optimized for conversions, which means there should be CTA buttons in appropriate places on your website and contact information should be prominently displayed.
  • Get your leads to provide their contact information by incorporating tactics like pop-up questions or offering premium content.

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