Nine Special Cat Breeds in the World

We can trace the origin of cats back to ancient civilizations. They have since been known for their trusted company. In ancient times, almost every house kept a cat.

There are several breeds of cats in the world. These cats have their unique features and behaviors. However, others are rare but, you may find them in a few homes.Please visit here for information about King Exchange

According to some breeders, some cats are unique for several reasons. One of the reasons for this is the origin of the species. Some species can be traced back to 100 years. Another reason for this is the difficulty in reproducing the genetic composition of the original breed.

Additionally, the lack of available breeders is also a factor. Several cat breeds have become extinct because of the popularity of others. You can view a holistapet guide to know more about cat breeds.

Nine Uncommon Cat Breeds

There are several categories of cats in the world. Some are more popular than others. However, these nine breeds are rare.

American Wirehair

The origin of this breed can be traced back to some farm cats in New York City. In 1996 some breeders thought to reproduce a mixed breed from the American short.

The American Whitehair is known for its coarse and wiry coat. Despite their appearance, they are very friendly and a great companion. They are very playful and love to interact with humans. Interestingly, they love to play with toys.

We cannot exhaust all their character traits in this article. However, we must point out the need to take care while grooming. Their coat might appear awry but can get damaged with excessive grooming.

The American Bobtail

Who doesn’t love bob? Bobtails have been around for some decades. However, it has only recently received recognition from the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association). Their unique appearance alongside other features has made them a special breed.

Bobtails are large but take an average of three years to grow into their full size. It might seem too long. However, they are healthy and fit when fully grown.

The Turkish Van

From the shores of central Asia, breeders found the Turkish Van outside the Turkish region in 1950. It became popular in the US in 1970. Though it is a rare breed, you can find them in a few homes in the US. You can click on to read more about Turkish Van.

They are prominent for their big muscular bodies. Despite this, they still manage to remain elegant. Their large and charming eyes give off several expressions. They require daily grooming to retain their pristine look.


Sounds like Korean, right? Well, you were almost there. The Korat originates from Thailand. They are rare and are usually gifted to prominent families. They are said to bring goodness to their household.

They generally only come in the same color – Silver blue. Korats have a long life span and can live for over 20 years.

On the downside, Korats generally suffer from gangliosidosis. This illness can lead to paralysis in most cases. However, you can detect this before purchasing one. Ensure you enquire from your breeder before purchasing.

The Turkish Angora

Here is another Turkish breed. Turkish Angora is known as the national treasure of the country. You cannot help but notice their classic white coat.

We can trace the origin of Angora to the 16th century. Their long and hairy coats come from adaptation to the cold winter in their habitat. They are generally known for showing love and adapting fast to most conditions.


The Singapuras were first spotted in Singapore and imported into the US in 1970. They are a new breed and are not very known in most parts of the world. They are known for their clingy behavior but can be good companions.

They have an outstanding appearance. You cannot help but notice it around the house.

They are small, have short hair and weighs up to 9 pounds. You will feel very comfy carrying them in your arms.

The Chartreux

If you love colored cats, you should take a look at the Chartreux. Several persons call it the French Blue Cat. Its shorthaired coat colored in bluish grey marvels its spectators.

In the US, several breeders have put in the effort to ensure that this breed still exists. The cat came into the US during the Second World War and has remained with a few breeders. We can trace Chartreux back to John and Helen Gamon. They were the first to bring it into the US from France.

The Manx

What a name? Its name is from its place of origin. Hunters found it near the island of Mann.

It was among the first cats recognized by the CFA. Before now, Manx were show cats in circuses.

Talking appearance and character, Manx is tailless, intelligent, and playful. They are just the perfect pet for your kids. You might mistake them for a dog when you meet them at first.

The Burmilla

Talking about recent cat breeds, the Burmilla came to light a few decades ago. You get them by crossing a female Lilac Burmese with a male Chinchilla Persian. You can read this article to know more about a Burmilla.


If you desire a witty, mischievous, loving, and intelligent pet, you should consider getting a cat. There are several kinds of cats. Some are more popular than others due to various reasons. You can get one in an online pet store or from a breeder near you.

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