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I lost 20 kilograms in a very short period of time, thanks to my friend who advised me to buy some amazing weight loss shakes from Live Healthy NZ. It was a great experience knowing how I could lose all the excess fat accumulated around my body without having to wait for a long period of time to see the desired results.

Initially, when my physician warned that I would go on to become obese if I did not put an end to my bad eating habits, I was scared that I would lose those inches only after rigorous work outs. Losing weight fast seemed like a farfetched dream until then. I discussed this issue with a friend and he advised me to look at the weight loss shakes offered by this health center. At that time, I was a little hesitant as the idea of consuming shakes to reduce weight did not make sense to me, since I was highly accustomed to seeing people stretching out and sweating in the gym.

Upon researching about what miracles these shakes perform, I came across lots of resources including blogs, videos, audios, and articles that revealed to me the very fact that our body needs energy to help burn fat faster. All my life I had been following the misleading notion that one needs to stop eating or say, go into the starvation mode to lose weight fast. This particular health center helped me immensely to understand how I could lose weight quickly and that too in a healthy way.

I consulted the health experts there and bought for myself a Formula 1 Nutritional Meal Replacement Shake and a Protein Shake for quite reasonable rates. The Formula 1 shake is a high nutrition combination of vitamin A and C, proteins, calcium, fiber, iron and calcium which is why you can easily replace it with at least one meal per day.

I worked out and enjoyed the shakes at the same time which was also a great way to satiate my sugar cravings. However, I also made sure that I stick to a healthy lifestyle, high nutrition meals and regular work outs to lose weight fast.

I have ordered more weightloss products online and I am sure that they would be as useful as the shakes that I have used previously.

If you too have had a similar experience, kindly share it through your comments below.

Why I Chose the Basic Life Support Certification Online – automated healthcare solutions

I have always been interested in attaining some sort of skill that I could use to help others with and that would be different to my area of work. Getting a basic life support certification seemed to be the best choice that I could think of at the time. The BLS course not only enhanced my knowledge but also gave me a useful skill that could come in handy for me and someone else.

When I started my search for the proper medical training institute, I found out that there were many institutes offering all kinds of certifications online, but there was only one that caught my eye. The name of the website is and it is not only an AHA certified training institution, but also has some of the most experienced and friendly health care workers I have ever come across.

Some of the benefits that I immediately realized of taking their online BLS course are as follows:


As I was already struggling to balance the demands of work and home, enrolling myself in the BLS online class allowed me to learn from home, at work and on the road.


Learning online has the added advantage of the content being current and up to date with the latest procedures and regulations.  It also ensures that the basic life support certification is applicable to your career path.


The smooth delivery of the online course over the internet enabled me to start my learning process instantly with just a click of the mouse.

Affordable Cost:

When it comes to any kind of training, how much it’s going to cost you is often the main question. Although they say that training facilities use the slightly low costs as a gimmick to lure people to them, they are also usually the ones that are no good or not properly certified.

Finding one like made my day, they not only have the best training staff and an AHA certified facility, but provided me with interactive training sessions and material at an incredibly affordable cost.

Plus, I saved a whole lot in travelling expenses by taking the training online instead of having to go to one of their training facilities.


Who says e-learning is boring? By taking the BLS online class provided by, I not only got dynamic, easy-to-understand content to learn from, but also an interactive environment that captivated me every step of the way.

Last Notes:

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get BLS certification online, because it’s not only extremely affordable, but also convenient and most importantly self-directed.

Are Online Mental Health Experts Really Worth It? – automated healthcare solutions

Many times, people do not give due attention to their mental health due to a common myth that emotional problems are to be fixed with self-help methods only. However, being emotionally healthy is essential to live life as per one’s own expectations. The hardest fact related to mental health is that its issues continue to cause difficulties and even tend to grow; unless and until specialized treatment is provided. Subsequently, people facing mental health issues are likely to reach a grim state if they take them lightly and do not seek professional advice from mental health experts.

Therefore, individuals of absolutely all age groups should go for counseling sessions with mental health experts when they feel the need to regain their emotional wellbeing. Apart from misconceptions related to treating mental health, another common mistake made by patients is the avoidance of visiting an expert. One of the possible reasons behind it is their feeling of embarrassment due to which they wish to maintain an anonymous identity.

With its boundless advantages, there seems to no individual, business, or field of work that has not gained benefits from using the internet to achieve their specific goals. This holds true for the area of mental health as well. Both professional therapists and patients are able to communicate with each other on the internet, thus meeting their professional and personal objectives respectively. Basically, online platforms allow both types of concerned individuals to build and sustain constructive relationships along with the option of maintaining anonymity if required.

A simple way to understand how online mental health experts work is that professional psychotherapists offer their counseling services and online medical advice through consultancy websites. This means that all communication between them and their patients remains essentially online or virtual. However, some consultancy websites offering advice from different professionals offer different modes of communication to meet the different needs of patients. For instance, text chat is mostly preferred by those who do not wish to disclose their identity but require being in a therapy session with an instant response system. They may even opt for a conversational counseling session via voice chat. At the same time, there are patients who do not have any preference towards anonymity and they can conveniently opt for a video chat.

In short, online mental health doctors are qualified or licensed professionals in their field who are available on the internet for patients to avail their effectual, and confidential, therapeutic services. With such a high degree of convenience, online mental treatments from mental health experts now account to helping most of those patients who were otherwise unwilling to make the effort of visiting professionals for advice. For such patients, there are many websites that have a list of healthcare experts on their panel to consult from. These websites have been able to provide life-changing cures for patients who needed to recover from mental stress or emotional disorder.

So it is time to put a stop to ignoring your emotional health and stability, as the internet has become a wonderful destination to head out to and find help from highly qualified and experienced counselors.

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