Planning To Give A Makeover For Your Living Room? Check Out These Ideas!

Are you thinking of creating a change in your living room? Start from the easiest ones or the most used ones in the room. A couch or sofa is the anchor to all the objects and the primary element of a living room. As per home solutions company Wakefit sofa can be either neutral in shade and style to play well with the rest of the room decorations or bold and bright to make and point to support the other aspects of the living space. Hence sofa set furniture being the most generic furniture, it is best to start with the sofa and rebuild the living room of your dreams from there.

How to Effectively Transform the Living Space with Couch Ideas?

Recreate your living room by making subtle changes in the sofa set design, which is enough to elevate and transform the overall look of your house’s theme and concept. A sofa style can dictate the vibe of the space in a significant way. For a formal sitting room, a tufted back couch with rolled arms is the best. But if you are looking to set up a space for your family’s living room, invest in a sofa with loosely fitted back cushions with a deep seat. When there are kids and pets around, one must prefer durable fabrics such as twill or linen, which will withstand the everyday physical trauma.

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On the contrary, velvet sofas offer a vintage look and are ideal for spaces with low traffic. It can be either plain or with any designer print as per the choice of the user. However, start by first marking off the dimensions of the sofa area in the living room and then investing in the one that will be perfect. Make sure to visualize the full scale and verify that the walkways are clear enough to move around freely.

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The sofa materials can be textiles, natural fibers, original leather, wood, steel, or plastic. Textile or fabric sofas are the current trends with subtle and textured weaves. They are of great comfort and easy to maintain compared to leather sofas. Natural fiber couches can withstand heavy usages and are made with linen, flax, wool, or hemp to offer durability. Wood is the most robust and resistant material to various conditions. Hence, they are the widely preferred material choice when it comes to furniture. Leather is quite expensive and so stands as a symbol of luxury and extravagance in any living room.


The color of the sofa can be neutral to match with the room tone in grey or brown with weaves to provides better depth. Or it can also be bold to stand out and offer a striking look with bold and big prints.

Deep colors like navy and brown work best in an atmosphere prone to more spills so that the stain is not much visible. If the walls are light-colored, opt for a sofa set for living room contrasting to it to achieve a more dramatic effect. You can also customize your sofa by first getting the swatches and then testing them.


The style of the sofa should vibe with the home or must be contrasting to it. For a home with tall ceilings and original moldings, a sleek couch will be perfect. But if the space is contemporary with an alignment to tradition, extra stuffed couches are the best. A solid sofa with back detailing can accommodate any area as it enhances the silhouette. Wooden sofa set perfectly fits into traditional homes. Also, pay attention to the depth, reclination, and support a couch offers to the individual. A formal sofa requires more support, whereas the size of the couch is of primary importance when you want it to serve a family. It has to essentially provide complete comfort for all the people with extra fittings like cushions.

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Extra Features

As the sofa is a substantial object in a living room with great functionality, it must be taken care of that it is chosen smartly. Purchase sofa set online with a wide range of options. To add more glamour or elegance, mix and match with cushions. Even for small rooms, when the sofa’s color choice is made right, it will create a bigger space illusion. Cushions and their prints help in escalating the look and contribute more to the theme or room interior. The other additional aspects of a living room furniture are wall shelves, indoor plants, a TV cabinet, extra seating like an ottoman, coffee table, carpet, etc. All these are a lesser investment in comparison to the couch and hence can be organized one after the other at your own pace and budget constraints.

The Takeaway

The meaningful choice of designing a living room is an excellent decision for everyone who is seeking an instant transformation for their home. With a wide range of ideas, you can change even a limited space to a beautiful ambiance through remodeling and renovation. If you intend to win the hearts of your visitors and guests, prepare the heart of your home and equip it as per your creativity and ability.

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