Problems with freckles on the face

black dots and freckles on the face can be both healthy skin or sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย Freckles and spots often come in the form of black dots, with shades ranging from light brown to dark brown, gray, or bluish. The color of freckles depends on the depth of the pigment in the skin, which is mainly caused by sunlight, increasing age. or genetic factors At the age of the morning number 3 when exposed to a little sunlight The freckles that I have never had will come up. There are mainly 3 types of kratom, the details are as follows:types of freckles on the face.

  1. Freckles (Freckles) are shallow, flat, thin brown spots. The kind we find on white foreigners’ cheeks.
  2. Solar lentigene is a brown sheet. Most of them are smooth as we see and see often on the face of elderly people such as Agong, Ama.
  3. Seborrheic keratosis is a rough, brown-colored, bulging freckle that can be found in middle age. but usually found as a small dot and then gradually expands slowly As you get older, from a small spot, it may turn into a bulge that is larger in size.
  4. Memorial (Nevus of Hori), also known as Panhori are usually found on both cheekbones and are symmetrical. and because this type of freckle is quite deep (Compared to other types of freckles) when light hits the freckle area. and reflected back into our eyes. So you can see the freckles are gray. out blue

If you look at it in real Freckles are just small spots on the face that may not need treatment. If it’s been a long time and hasn’t changed Both in terms of parallel, color, number, no symptoms and no bleeding. But if you want to maintain in terms of beauty and handsome to make the skin look smooth clearer Increase confidence in socializing There is a treatment method as follows.


  1. Laser: Choosing the type of laser, energy or number of treatment sessions depends on the type and depth of the freckles. If the freckles are deep will have to treat many times The types of lasers are as follows.
  • Carbon Dioxide Laser (CO, laser) treatment of tissues.
  • Q-switch or picosecond laser to treat freckles, sunburn and memories.
  • IPL light to treat shallow freckles. but had to be treated several times
  1. Chemical peeling : Apply the acid that the CA by dabbing on the skin. to cure freckles

And freckles are small spots, but the effectiveness of treatment is lower than using lasers. Due to the depth of chemical reactions that occur in the skin. We can only make approximate predictions from seeing white. occurring in the treatment location Maeng Da Capsules Online.

  • If the reaction is too shallow or too small Freckles will not fall out completely.
  • If the reaction takes place in deep or too deep layers, would result in scarring as well as black marks after inflammation in that location.

This method is now less popular. But still have some use. If the freckles are small and The hospital didn’t have a laser machine.

  1. Treatment with topical drugs Skin care products or treatments Can’t cure all freckles to fade away which is a different point from the method of treating melasma However, cleaning the wrong face with a gentle cleansing gel เจลล้างหน้า to keep it clean and remove residue so that it doesn’t cause acne.
  2. Proper sun protection considered essential to prevent new freckles from forming or stimulate the existing freckles to become darker or increase the number

In fact, “freckles” are just small spots on the face, not more important than the clarity of the mind. And the goodness that we have, so if you think that “freckles” is not a disease in the beauty part, it can be treated or not. But it’s best to consult a doctor. to check if the spots on your face are common or diseased as well as other abnormalities that resemble freckles or not


  • Proper sun protection.
  • See a doctor when there are any changes in the dark spots on the face, such as color change, size, amount, for further evaluation, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


  • Use acid to preserve memories.
  • Exposure to strong sunlight for 1 week after laser freckle treatment.


After laser treatment Do not be exposed to the sun for life, is it true?


after laser treatment Should strictly avoid sunlight for about 1 week in order to reduce the chance of dark spots after laser treatment. However, should continue to protect from the sun properly. To prevent freckles, blemishes, dark spots that may form. For long-term skin care after laser freckle treatment will not have to be freckles in the future.

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