Process for registering community enterprises for medical CBD cultivation

Hello everyone, Today cannabis hub is bringing an article about the matter of registration. Community enterprise or community enterprise network to leave each other. Understand that parents and siblings interested in marijuana cultivation must have a condition that they must be a community enterprise first. To cultivate CBD kaufen Today, therefore, The process of registering community enterprises to grow medical marijuana for you. I hope it will be helpful for those who want to start growing cannabis legally.

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What is a community enterprise?

Before we register a community enterprise to grow medical CBD kaufen, we have to get to know each other first. What is a community enterprise? Is it true? Why did you set it up, and what benefits would it be? Why can’t we go and ask for it to grow when we know where it came from, so we can grow CBD kaufen and understand the conditions that the state has this condition?

Community enterprises are

Community affairs relating to the production of goods, services, or otherwise operated by a group of connected persons. have a standard way of life and work together to generate income and for the self-reliance of the family community and inter-community.

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Community Enterprise Network is a group of people who come together. to organize any activity for the benefit of the operation of community enterprises in the network.

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Establishing an enterprise, what do you get?

For registered enterprises, What do you get from taking notes, suitable? Many people wonder why. for that note to obtain legal certification, Get a Potential Assessment to let the government know the strength and the real needs of the community to be able to plan for self-development, Including the right to receive promotion and support for the development of community enterprises according to the Board set and meet the needs.

Criteria conditions that must be prepared for registering a community enterprise

  1. Join a group of at least seven people in the community, not in the same family. and no name in the same household registration
  2. It is a business related to producing goods, services, other activities that cause the development and problem solving of the community.
  3. Operate the business with objectives to make money self-reliance and the happiness of the people in the community; and
  4. Conducting business without contrary to the law order good art of the people.

Supporting Documents for Community Enterprise Registration For cannabis cultivation:

1. In the case of not being a juristic person

– Form NSTDA 01 (original version)

– ID card of the authorized person

-Registration of names and addresses of authorized representatives and members

-Original consent letter or a copy of the resolution of the meeting assigning an authorized person to act on his behalf

– A copy of the regulations of the network (in case of network registration)

– A copy of Thor. WorChor. 2, who is a member of the network (in case of network registration)

2. In the case of a juristic person

– Form Sor Por Por Sor. 01 (original version)

– Identification card of the person authorized to act on his behalf

-Registration of names and addresses of authorized representatives and members

-Copy of documents showing objectives, rules, or regulations

– A copy of the list of committee members

-Copy of the resolution of the Implementing Committee or the resolution of the general meeting to register and assign an authorized person to act on his behalf.

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Benefits to be received after registration community enterprise

From the registration of community enterprises (according to the Community Enterprise Promotion Act BE 2548) for farmers, people in that community There are benefits to be received, consisting of:

  1. Accredited by law.
  2. Apply for promotion or support from the Community Enterprise Promotion Board by the method prescribed by the Board.
  3. have the right to receive promotion and support the development of activities by the specified measures. Prepare the supporting documents to apply for registration at the District Agriculture Office where the community enterprise is located.

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