Shopping in Ontario’s Halton Region

It’s easy to associate all the excitement and glamor that comes alongside a day spent shopping with the big city life of Toronto but there’s no need to sit in all that traffic just to have an exciting day out. While the city is wonderful, all too many of us are sleeping on what’s happening in the suburbs. 

In fact, there’s plenty to do for those who are lucky enough to already have their own piece of Halton Real Estate. The city will always have its place but there’s something to be said about what’s directly in your backyard. If you are in the Greater Halton Region and think that excitement is only happening downtown, here’s a few of the best places to shop right within your neighborhood. 

Toronto Premium Outlets

For those looking for a goliath of a shopping experience, look no further. The Toronto Premium Outlets is going to have all you need for an exciting day out. One might be looking for something simple to spruce up the house and it’ll be there. On the other hand, looking for a gift for that special someone? That’ll be there too. From Bath & Body Works to Balenciaga, there’s something for every type of shopper.

Often locals think about heading into Toronto for something to do, but these Outlets are why your center city neighbors are leaving the city limits to do their shopping. Due to how densely packed a city can be, it’s hard to have all these options downtown which is what makes the Toronto Premium Outlets Halton’s shining star. 

Georgetown Farmers Market

For those looking to get away from the doldrums that supermarket shopping is, a farmers market is the perfect solution. Head over to Georgetown and you’ll go from the usual aisle after aisle of not wanting a single thing to a farmers market where you’ll wish you have more space on you to carry every single item that you’d love to purchase. 

This market has run for over 25 years and is now a staple of Ontario. For long-time residents and also those new to the area, this is the perfect place to get yourself familiar with what’s being grown in your community. Also, what better feeling is there than being able to purchase everything you can locally? Not only does that mean helping a neighbor but it also means obtaining a freshness, and therefore flavors, that you wouldn’t believe. 

Halton Homestead

Just like with a farmers market, it’s hard to pass up having the opportunity to fill your home with local goods and there’s no better place to store your fresh goods than on something made locally. Given there are a few folks that might not have heard of Halton Homestead, they’ve been doing this type of work for around 40 years now and having so many locally made options has made them an irreplaceable part of the community. 

For those looking to simply stop in, there’s going to be plenty of options for you to choose from, be it that you are looking for a table or even just a charcuterie board to place on top of the one you already have. What’s even better is that they are happy to work with you on whatever it is you are dreaming up in your head.

Love what’s in stock but the color just isn’t what’s going to fit into your home? It’s never a worry at Halton Homestead because they’ll be happy to work with you on creating whatever you’ve been dreaming about.

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