The secret to winning every battle for 1-goal handicap

Handicap 1 goal is a popular type of bet in soccer betting, attracting many participants because of its attractiveness and high profitability. To “win every time” in this type of bet, you need to master the following tips:

Understand the nature of the 1-goal handicap

When participating in betting on soccer matches, understanding the nature of the 1-goal handicap is very important so that players can make the right decisions and optimize their betting results New88hg.

Accordingly, the team with 1 goal handicap, also known as the upper team, is rated higher and will handicap the lower team by 1 goal. That means the favorite team will have to win with a difference of at least 2 goals for the player to bet on this team to win. If the favorite team wins with a difference of only 1 goal, the bet will be considered a draw and the player will not win or lose the bet.

If the upper team draws or loses, the player will bet on the lower team to win. The underdog team will receive 1 goal from the overdog team, so if they keep the result or win, the player who bets on this team will win the bet.

Analyze and select the appropriate team

In analyzing and choosing the right football team, there are several important factors that need to be carefully considered. This process requires complete consideration and analysis to make the correct decision. Below are the steps to take to analyze and select a team:

  • Carefully consider your performance: To choose the right team, you need to consider their recent performance. Any team that has stable performance and plays well will be the priority choice.
  • Compare the forces of the two teams: Careful analysis of the strength, lineup and playing style of the two teams. Determine which team has the advantage in terms of force and tactics to make the right decision.
  • Learn the history of confrontation: Refer to the performance records of the two teams in previous meetings. This helps make predictions about the outcome of the upcoming match based on past experiences.
  • Pay attention to the home and away factors: Evaluate the impact of home field factors on the psychology and playing style of the two teams. The team playing at home often has the advantage of support from the audience and is more familiar with field conditions than the team playing away.

Analyzing and choosing the right team requires thoroughness and meticulousness. By applying the above steps, you will have the opportunity to find the optimal team for your wishes.

Example illustrating how to calculate the bet for 1 goal Handicap

When betting with a 1-goal handicap, the player will have to make a prediction about the outcome of the match with a difference of 1 goal between the two teams. To calculate the bet in this case, the player needs to clearly identify two basic cases of winning or losing:
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  • If the team you bet on wins with a difference of 1 goal, you will receive a bonus in accordance with the odds set. To calculate the bet in this case, you can apply the following formula:

   Bonus = Bet x Odds

  • If the team you bet on loses or draws, you will lose the bet amount. In this case, no bonus is received.

To avoid risks and effectively manage finances, players need to carefully determine the amount of bet to place and clearly understand how to calculate bonuses and losses when participating in a 1-goal handicap. 


Applying these “invincible” tips will help players increase their chances of winning in a 1-goal handicap. However, always remember that betting is always risky. Bet wisely and responsibly.

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