Theory and practice of field-based football betting

It can be said that in general, the home and away factors greatly affect the outcome of the match, and they will also affect the player’s online football betting. So what is the problem? Surely, when a strong team has to be a guest in a season where they often fail to play on the opponent’s field, how should players check online football? Let’s find a way to solve this problem with our betting experience on 20Bet.

 About theory

There are, indeed, important technical differences that explain why some teams play at home and away from home. Arsenal under Arsene Wenger often played “small,” being technically inclined with smooth passes, generally contrary to the popular “run and shoot” image in the Premier League. With this style of football, Arsenal will play well on dry, smooth grass, especially on a field that they are familiar with. So in the past, Arsenal’s Highbury Stadium was very suitable for their style of football (not to mention the familiar feeling and support of the home crowd). 

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That is, teams that are prone to small kicks and have a lot of passing situations in the game should consider online football betting based on whether they are playing at home.or not? On the contrary, for the teams that do not possess the above-mentioned playing style, you can consider the home-and-away factors more lightly than other surrounding factors.

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In terms of practice

Many websites have set up the rankings of home and opponent’s yards in major league for fans to refer to. Experts recommend: Make a scoreboard for the last six home matches of the home team and the last six away matches of the away team, and then compare them with each other. If meticulous, it is possible to set up the “expert score” (i.e., the score is based on the exact number of shots, kicks out, corner kicks) also according to the same principle. home and the opponent’s yards to compare. At that time, you will find quite a few cases where the two sides have a very different correlation with their position in the overall ranking.

To put it simply, if you want to make the most accurate online football bets, you must also practice or study the following two things:The first thing is to look at the team’s play, and the second is to collect the statistics for the whole season. 

 How should football bettors analyze performance?

This method has the disadvantage of not distinguishing the different phases of each team. The victory on the opponent’s field last week or at the beginning of the season is all equal to 3 points. Everyone knows that every team has its ups and downs throughout the season. To overcome this shortcoming, you can refer to the method below.

First of all, the betting experience will show that after comparing the predicted results with the actual results of 700 matches in important national leagues, researchers draw the following conclusions: the last 4 or 6 matches are a good bet. The most appropriate hobby to assess the performance of the upcoming teams That’s why we often see “last six (or four) match results” on websites when looking for information related to each team before matches. The meaning of an “even number of games” (4 or 6, not 3 or 5) is that teams usually have an equal number of home and away games in that series. We must watch the results of four games or more because if we only watch two matches, we can be fooled by pure surprises. If you watch eight or more games, the old games are too far away to make judgments about their performances.

In short, in order to have a favorable football betting process, we must first understand that we should only check our performance in the last 6 or 4 matches. After having the results of the last 4 or 6 matches, we score each team on a scale: a draw at home (denoted as HD) is 1 point; a draw on the opponent’s field (AD) gets 2 points; a home win (HW) gets 3 points; a win on the opponent’s field (AW) gets 5 points; a loss at home (HL) or on the opponent’s field (AL) is 0 points. All in all, we have the “performance score” of each team. The higher the score, the higher the probability of success.

Assume Team A has the following match results: HW, AD, HW, AL. Team B have three results: AW, HL, AW, HL. According to the usual scoring method, Team A got 7 points (2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss) in the last 4 matches, while Team B got 6 points (2 wins, 2 losses). But according to the above formula, Team B got 10 points (2 wins at the opponent’s field), while Team A only got 8 points (2 wins at home, 1 draw at the opponent’s field). We conclude that Team B is superior.

This is an effective way to check your form and help you have a favorable football betting process. This method of viewing this form clarifies the recent strengths and weaknesses of a team in an extremely clear manner.You can combine the methods that we have shared to get the most accurate assessment for yourself.

However, you should also note that it is not recommended to apply too many different methods. On the contrary, you should only apply a few methods and need to systematize them if you want to have a favorable football betting process. If you find this difficult, it is better to use only one method.

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