Uncool User Fees at the Coolest Hotel

When you’re looking for a unique hotel experience, it’s hard to beat the “coolest cat in town” vibe at The TWA Hotel.  The hotel is built around the historic TWA World Center terminal at JFK Airport in New York, which was originally designed by one of the most celebrated architects of the 1960’s, Eero Saarinen. The new owners have gone to amazing lengths to deliver a fully functional conference hotel with all the of historic charm, playful sense of fun, and overall “grooviness” of the 1960’s.   

Today, the hotel is not only as retro hip as Frank, Dino, and the whole Rat Pack, but it’s also part “lab rat” for their hotel management company, MCR Hotels. MCR is the fourth largest hotel management company in the United States and The TWA Hotel is part of their portfolio. This Spring, MCR Hotels announced that they were piloting a program in some of their hotels to charge User Fees for some amenities, like gym admittance or early check-in, that were formerly offered at no charge. The announcement generated significant attention within the travel and hospitality  industry, with articles weighing in from a broad spectrum of perspectives like travel guru, The Points Guy, and travel technology platform,  Vindow

Of course, the real test is what the guests say and this about the new fees and quick glance at the recent Tripadvisor reviews indicates that these new fees haven’t exactly flown under the radar, with multiple complaints logged.   Was the gamble worth it for MCR Hotels? Whether User Fees are here to stay or will become “retro uncool” is something only time will tell. Visit The Site: getliker

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