What you Should Know About Residential Solar Lead Generation

When solar panels were first introduced, there was less to no information about them. Thus, canvassing and cold calling produced quality leads. However, as time went by and ads were all over TV and radios, everyone knew about solar panels. As a result, these old methods have become outdated. We are in the digital era, and so is everything. Therefore, even residential solar lead generation is now done digitally.

What are Solar Leads?

Solar leads, just like any other leads, are potential customers that might convert into buyers. Similar to the traditional leads, solar leads can be generated via a variety of ways, such as TV commercials, website landing pages, cold calling to mention a few. Now, before you invest all your money in running your ad after the morning show on television or radio, it’s important to know that digital leads are the name of the game. People find all their needed products and services online.

Because of this, it’s crucial to have an online marketing strategy, particularly for residential solar leads. It’s not only about finding leads; you require a better lead generation strategy than your competitors. So, if you want to succeed in this business, you’d better buy solar leads. But, buying solar leads is not the end. You’ll find different kinds of leads you can choose from, as explained below.

Aged Web Leads

Aged lead webs are leads that expressed their interest in solar panels in the recent past. Other industries may frown upon these types of leads, but they are a good choice for solar providers. Aged leads are the cheapest leads to buy but, they are less prospective than the current ones. Yet, this may not be the case always because people spend months deciding on which solar contractor to choose. Thus, aged leads may turn to have the highest ROI.

Preset Appointments

When buying residential solar leads, you want to reduce the amount of work required to generate them and increase the certainty of closing; this is what preset appointments do for you. You are left with the task of closing the actual sale, although it’s easy either. Preset appointments provide a good return on lead acquisition, although expensive.

Live Transfers

With live transfers, you are buying information about pre-screened leads that have expressed interest in buying solar panels. Here, most of the legwork has been removed, and you don’t have to do the actual prospecting.

Real-Time Shared and Exclusive Leads

Buying residential solar leads gives you access to different kinds of leads. However, so do your competitors. Hence, real-time shared leads are the hardest and most competitive leads to get due to the shared part. Exclusive leads are a bit more expensive and give more ROI. With exclusive leads, you alone have access to them.

In summary, residential solar lead generation is done via digital means. It is also clear that solar providers have a solid future if you figure out how to reap the rewards. However, if you have tried to advertise your services without the best results, you might want to consider buying solar leads for solar lead gen companies. Solar Exclusive is a reputable lead-generating company that offers easily convertible leads. Follow their website for more information.

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