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6 Ways to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Automation

There is always a need for business owners to expand their businesses and keep ahead of their competitors in this competitive industry, where the number of businesses is always increasing. And, when it comes to growing your business, what better platform to use than LinkedIn?

Because of the environment that it creates, LinkedIn is wildly popular among professionals. This platform is used by industry leaders, professionals, and experts from a wide variety of fields to find prospects, leads, and employees. As a result, if you’re looking to grow your business, LinkedIn is the best place to go. Growing your business on LinkedIn isn’t easy, but it’s also not impossible. All you have to do is make good use of the automated tools, employ effective techniques, and keep your profile updated. To learn about LinkedIn’s outbound sales tactics, visit

LinkedIn Automation

Manually connecting with each user on LinkedIn will not only take a long time, but it will also prevent you from making as many connections as you should in a given amount of time. Apart from this, there are other important activities that need your time and attention.

LinkedIn automation is the practice of using automation tools on LinkedIn to do time-consuming but necessary tasks. Sending connection requests, connection messages, and other tasks are handled by automation tools.

How to grow your business using LinkedIn automation?

When applied appropriately, automation can be the difference between a smooth development of your organization and allowing it to grow. In this article, we’ll show you how to leverage LinkedIn automation to grow your business faster.

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1. Automate LinkedIn prospect data using ‘Evernote’

You can use Evernote on the road to take notes, images, record audio, and more. You can easily and smoothly automate everything with only a few taps of your fingertips, no matter where you are. This is beneficial to sales and business development since it allows you to keep track of all of your clients and prospects.

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2. Use the LinkedIn social share button

Sharing high-quality material with LinkedIn Groups will help you gain a lot of profile views and boost your credibility. Sharing to various LinkedIn Groups, on the other hand, is time-consuming. Use LinkedIn’s own Share Button on your website as one option. The information for your LinkedIn Share Button can be found at Then, on your blog post, click the share button and select a Group to whom you want to send the post. Rinse and repeat as many times as you want for as many Groups as you want.

3. Use Closely to save time

Closely uses LinkedIn search queries to auto-visit profiles. You can use LinkedIn profiles to segment your searches by automatically tagging them. It lets you export an a.csv file of every LinkedIn profile you’ve visited in a given time period.

4. Use Hootsuite to automate basic content sharing

This tool is ideal for scheduling and sharing stream updates. This places you at the top of your first-degree network’s priority list. Hootsuite provides a great reporting feature that lets you see what’s working and what’s not at any given time.

5. Make use of LinkedIn automation tools that support group sharing.

Joining LinkedIn Groups can help you increase your network and followers, but what about regularly sharing content with Groups? Using the LinkedIn Share button, you can accomplish this manually. Tools like Oktopost and SocialMotus, which let you queue up information to share with LinkedIn Groups, can help you automate your shares.

6. Invest in a LinkedIn Automation App that does everything.

You can buy an all-in-one automation product like LinkedinBot, Elink Pro, or Autopilot if you have the budget. Individual profiles, LinkedIn Groups, sending connection requests, downloading data, replying to incoming invitations, and a variety of other functions are all possible with these tools.

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