Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

For professionals in the agricultural sector, Insuranks has insurance for agricultural and industrial vehicle. You will be able to choose the most suitable combination for you and for your tractor, trailer or other agricultural machinery. We are going to discuss importance of tractor insurance and your other agricultural vehicle and coverages included.

Why is it important to have agricultural machinery insurance?

Agricultural vehicles are one of the fundamental working instruments for professionals in the sector, which is why in order for them to exercise their profession with maximum peace of mind. Insuranks offers specific insurance for their needs.

Why choose Insuranks Agricultural Vehicle Insurance?

Registered agricultural vehicles must have Compulsory Civil Liability insurance.

In addition to the mandatory liability coverage the insurance Agricultural Vehicles of Insuranks offers complementary optional coverages so you’re protected against other contingencies, such as broken windows, Bodily Injury or withdrawal of the driving license. Visit Here: topworld56


Mandatory Civil Liability

Covers damages caused to people and property in the cases and limits established in current legislation.

Complementary Civil Liability

Covers Civil Liability in excess of the coverage limits of the compulsory civil liability insurance with a maximum of $50 million.

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Extension of Civil Liability

Covers liability for damages that the insured vehicle may cause while at rest and towing trailers weighing less than 750 kg. Also claims for these events, insolvency of third parties and advance compensation.

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Legal Defense and Damage Claims

It includes the legal defense in the previous cases and the claim for damages suffered by the Policyholder, Driver / s, Insured or Passengers transported free of charge.

Deposit of criminal bonds.

Expansion of Legal Defense and Damage Claims.

This guarantee extends the claim for damages that the insured must make when the vehicle has suffered damage while at rest, out of circulation.

  • Defense in administrative traffic offenses.
  • Extrajudicial or judicial claim for defective repairs that have occurred in the insured vehicle.
  • Telephone legal advice and consultation.
  • Defense or claim in administrative, judicial or arbitration proceedings for a pedestrian traffic accident.


Bodily Accidents

  • Compensation for Death, great disability, absolute permanent disability for all work of the Driver.

Moon Break

  • Repair or replacement of the windshield, rear window, door glass and other sides.


  • Damage or loss of the agricultural vehicle due to fire, as well as rescue measures and expenses.

Theft (Illegal Appropriation)

  • Damage or loss of the agricultural vehicle as a result of theft or its attempt.

Total loss

  • Total loss of the insured vehicle.

Own Damage

  • By collision with other vehicles, people, things or animals, impact of stones, hail or other objects, overturning or falling, vandalism of third parties, landslides or subsidence of lands and natural phenomena. If you visit this maangome, you can get more information about it. It is high time, to click here to know malluwap and also you should learn more about soap2day.

Daily Compensation for Hospitalization

  • Payment of an amount per full day of hospitalization due to the traffic accident covered in the policy.

Second Medical Opinion

  • Second Medical Opinion Service to the Insured who may obtain, any diagnosis of a serious illness, an additional report of evaluation of his illness by experts of the highest prestige.

Vehicle Damage from Collision with Animals

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