How To Set Target Audience On Facebook Ads?

Having more than 2.74 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the 3rd most used platform. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Facebook can be one of the most powerful marketing tools. But the success of any marketing campaign highly depends on targeting the potential audience. Therefore, before creating Facebook video ads, you need to have insights about setting the right audience to market your brand. 

As the top choice of 93% of marketing experts, Facebook ads have assumed great importance due to their wide reach. So, identifying and defining an appropriate set of target audiences for your Facebook ad is essential. Here is a complete guide on how to set a target audience for your Facebook ads:

Define your audience

The most crucial aspect of setting your target audience is first to define your audience. Only if you know your target audience well will you get the optimized return from Facebook ads. 

You can easily define your target audience based on specific demographic characteristics. It includes location, age, gender, languages, connections, interests, behavior, etc. 

  • Location: includes city, state, zip code, country, address that you can use to narrow down potential audience. 
  • Age: you can easily market your ads to a specific age audience, for example, 18 to 45+.
  • Gender: you can market your ads to a particular gender, for example, women, men, or all.

You can also advertise to potential customers with specific hobbies or interests using interest-based targeting– audience’s activity, pages they like, and related topics. 

Another is behavior-based targeting that includes intent, purchase behavior, and device usages like anniversary celebrations, frequent travelers, etc.

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Advanced setting and customization

Along with the connection settings of Facebook, there lies an advanced settings option. It enables you to either include or exclude certain people while you create Facebook video ads. For example, you can choose to publish your ads to people living in Delhi between the age group of 18 to 55+ but excluding men. 

There is also a custom audiences option. This option helps in customized targeting your audience. It targets those people again who have already interacted with your business.

Types of audience 

Understanding your target audience is a must. 

There are three types of audience you can target –

  • Saved audience: This audience deals in specifications. It lets you target specific behavior, interests, locations, and income levels, etc. Also called the core audience, it is ideal for businesses just starting their Facebook marketing journey. These core Facebook Ads help explore the market and gather data for more advanced ads campaigns on Facebook.
  • Custom audience: This targets people familiar with your business. It includes people visiting your website. It also includes people engaging with your content and those on your customer list. 
  • Lookalike audience: This audience hasn’t interacted with your business yet. However, they are similar to what you have already identified as a potential audience. The Facebook data algorithm uses your custom audience as a source to find people with likewise characteristics.

When to use 

  • Saved audience: It is suitable for businesses with a new marketing strategy on Facebook. It helps businesses to explore their markets and advance their campaigns. This also enables them to experiment with targeting options of Facebook. It serves as a target group for the creation of a lookalike audience. It is also helpful in mixing different types of the target audience.
  • Custom audience: This is one of the most influential yet challenging audiences. It helps connect to the audience showing interest in your businesses. After all, this is based on sources like website traffic, customer contacts, offline activity, or mobile app. 

A good-sized database scales, tests, and optimizes your performance. Moreover, you can use Facebook tracking pixels, customer lists, and Facebook sources for a better-customized audience. Further, you can also use this custom audience to collect information about your customers and run advanced campaigns.

  • Lookalike audience: This lookalike audience helps you to reach users matching your target group. This type of audience is perfect for businesses with successful running campaigns as they are also well known about their ideal customer. Therefore, it is suitable for expanding your reach. You can use it to reach a similar set of people in other locations.

Now that you know how to set the right target audience for your Facebook ads, quickly know some of the best practices –

Do’s of Facebook Ads

  • Use the given Facebook audience insights. It provides information about your target audience.
  • Target audience who have saved your posts.
  • Use Facebook targeting options. It narrows down your audience. 
  • Target your existing customers. It makes them more valuable and brand advocates. 
  • Include a clear call to action.
  • Use options like retargeting the audience and Facebook pixel.
  • Monitor and reply to your ad comments.
  • Make your ads mobile-friendly.
  • Split testing on your ads.

Don’ts of Facebook ads

  • Don’t ignore the needs and targeting of mobile users. They comprise a vast proportion of Facebook users.
  • Don’t overspend your budget initially. Increase your budget slowly and find what works for you.
  • Don’t change your ads immediately, expecting immediate results.
  • Don’t target an incredibly vast audience. It finishes your budget quickly.
  • Don’t add too much text to your Facebook creatives.
  • Don’t overlap targeting. Don’t let your ads compete against each other. It will cost money and spoil results. 
  • Don’t forget to monitor your ad campaigns regularly.

These are a few of the basics of Facebook ads and their audience setting. Facebook ads may appear a bit complicated. Correct guidance and techniques can help you use Facebook quite effectively. Now that you know how to and when to use the audience make sure you customize your Facebook ads accordingly. 

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