AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE PERFORMANCE is a comprehensive learning package

The 6th Edition of TODAY’S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE PERFORMANCE is a comprehensive learning package designed to build automotive skills in both classroom and shop settings. Following current NATEF criteria, this two-manual set examines each of the major systems affecting engine performance and drivability—including intake and exhaust, sensors, computerized engine controls, fuel ignition, and emissions. The Classroom Manual addresses system theory, while a coordinating Shop Manual covers tools, procedures, diagnostics, testing, and service. This edition includes updates to the latest technologies, Visit The Site: networldking52

  • Expanded content on Direct Fuel Injection and Return-Less Fuel Systems brings readers up to date, while an entire new Chapter explores Pulse Width Modulated Fuel Systems and its effects on fuel economy. • Updated Chapters include a thorough look at Variable Valve Timing and its positive impact on engine performance, as well as in-depth discussions on related diagnostic methods.
  • The 6th Edition includes revised end-of-Chapter questions to increase reader comprehension while bolstering the Today’s Technician Series reputation for delivering detailed and technically accurate content. • New for the 6th Edition, the available Course Mate learning tool ratchets up student performance with an e-book, interactive note taking, quizzing, videos, and more. FEATURES
  • Describe the key features (e.g. a Chapter in the TOC, a feature to spotlight, a supplement to call out, and technology to mention) instructors will want to be aware of. • Correlates with the current NATEF A8 Standard for Engine Performance, as well as ASE Certification criteria; the 6th Edition fully prepares learners with the latest information available on the market.Visit The Site: kuttyweb

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Supplements available with the 6th Edition include enhanced PowerPoint™ slides with animations and video clips, Chapter tests in Exam View, Image Library, Instructor Guide, Job Sheets, Web Tutor® Advantage cartridges for Blackboard ® and Angel Learning Management Systems, and Course Mate interactive learning tools. Visit Here: wpswebnews

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