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Because HTML files are difficult to transfer between different browsers, we must convert HTML to string format. It’s possible to convert HTML files for free to test format using a variety of internet converters these days. You should select dependable software for the conversion if you want an error-free conversion. These free internet converters can be used without any additional hardware, aiding in your automation testing requirements as well. 

Certain characters are converted to their matching HTML entities using the HTML entities to text encoder. These characters can be changed into the corresponding HTML entities and have a special meaning in HTML.

The function toString() { [native code] }() method is commonly used to obtain an object’s string representation. It is crucial that readers are aware that the function toString() { [native code] }() method is always called internally anytime we attempt to publish an object reference.

This guide covers top free tools for converting HTML to String online.


LambdaTest provides a cloud-based testing infrastructure that allows you to perform both manual and automation testing across multiple device and OS combinations. LambdaTest also offers free-to-use tools such the HTML Entities to Text Converter to help you ease your software development process. The HTML entities into text converter is used to convert certain HTML entities such as special strings into text that can be read by the browser. For instance, & will be changed to &, which the browser can interpret as & rather than an HTML syntax.


  • While converting the HTML Entities decoded text to plain text, it offers the possibility to save and share the content.
  • With the aid of this free application, any HTML Entities file can be imported and transformed into text.
  • Certain HTML characters must be transformed into their appropriate HTML Entities in order to maintain their meaning, and vice versa.
  • HTML Entities’ characters can easily be converted to text.
  • Since some text components contain characters that are part of the HTML syntax, use this free tool to transform your HTML Entities content into plain text so that it can be read.


CodeBeautify was created to beautify, minify, and convert your code and data for the desired outcome. Online HTML to TEXT Converter assists in converting HTML to Plain text, which makes TEXT simple to read, parse, save, and distribute.


  • With the aid of this application, you can instantly convert HTML into plain text without writing a single line of code.
  • The HTML URL can be loaded and converted to TEXT using Convert HTML to Text. After entering the URL, click the “Submit” button.
  • This program allows you to load an HTML file for conversion to text. The file can be selected by clicking the Upload button.
  • Working well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari is the HTML to Plain TEXT Converter Online.

Online String Tools

Online HTML to string converter that is free. Simply load your HTML, and a string will be created for it. There is only an HTML string extractor; there are no bothersome ads, pop-ups, or other rubbish. Get a string by loading HTML. Created by the Browserling team just for developers.


  • The HTML (HyperText Markup Language) page’s entire string values are extracted using this utility.
  • All HTML tags are removed, ampersand-encoded strings are converted back to characters, and all textual information is obtained.
  • How you use br> tags is up to you. They can be eliminated or changed to newlines.
  • Additionally, you can decide if additional whitespace surrounding HTML components has to be removed.


An entire web page’s worth of HTML code or just a small portion of it can be converted to plain text using this free application. All HTML tags will be automatically removed by this program. Additionally, if applicable, the title and description meta tag data are shown.


  • If your text content contains a less than or greater than indication, though, things might not perform as expected. These symbols are used by HTML tags as well, therefore if they appear in the content, they can result in unforeseen conversion issues.
  • It is advised to delete any less than or larger than symbols from your text content before converting it to plain text if you do encounter issues.
  • This could be a really helpful tool for you if all you want to do is extract the text content from a page so you can edit and revise it.


You can easily convert your text or documents to clean HTML5 online by using Word to HTML. Our product can be used as a web page editor, HTML code generator, Word to HTML converter, and to clean up, modify, and reduce the size of existing HTML.


  • The ability to easily incorporate images into your HTML code is a wonderful tool. There is no requirement for separate image files. It can work well for little photographs, but you can run into problems if you have a lot of large images, therefore experts advise you to experiment with this option. Your HTML files’ complexity and size will both rise.
  • Select this fixed HTML option if you want your HTML to exactly match the appearance of your input document. But be mindful that a set layout might not appear well on mobile devices. It can be useful when displayed in an iframe or as a standalone HTML page.
  • Producing independent HTML files? No worries, this choice adds the HTML head> and body> tags. This is required so that the page will display properly. You won’t need this choice if you are pasting into a web-based platform like WordPress, Amazon, eBay, etc.

W3 Docs

To convert all the relevant characters to their matching HTML entities, use this free online HTML Encoder Tool. The application also enables you to translate HTML code into a JavaScript Unicode string and decode encoded characters.


  • You can use it to swiftly translate the characters into their corresponding HTML entities.
  • Produce special characters quickly that aren’t readily available on our keyboards. The copyright symbol is one of these characters that is utilized relatively frequently.
  • Additionally, HTML Encoder turns HTML code into a JavaScript Unicode string, so when your source code is examined, the text appears to be jumbled, but when it is really run as a web page, it appears to be normal.


HTML Encoding is the process of standardizing a document that contains special characters outside the conventional seven-bit ASCII range. To make it simple and accurate for browsers to parse, the type of encoding used is supplied to the server in the form of header information.

The text or string is shown in the browsers correctly thanks to web encoding. When text from a webpage is copied, our browsers immediately copy the decoded characters that the browser was unable to show. The output must be properly encoded in order for those ASCII characters to appear.

These were some of the greatest tools available for converting HTML to strings at the time. When you convert HTML to a string, all HTML elements are removed, ampersand-encoded strings are converted back to characters, and all textual information is obtained. How you use br> tags is up to you. They can be eliminated or changed to newlines. Additionally, you can decide if additional whitespace surrounding HTML components has to be removed.

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