How to Set Up a Home Theater System

A home theater can be an excellent option for those afternoons or nights when we are looking to entertain ourselves, especially if we have children at home. Believe it or not, setting up our own home theater can be quite simple and inexpensive; you just have to follow these tips to carry it out:

The projector, the screen, and the sound

Without a doubt, a projector will be an investment with long-term benefits, since it could also be used to liven up parties, karaoke meetings and even get you out of trouble during work presentations.

Its price ranges between 50 and 300 hundred dollars, but before making your purchase do not forget to compare how different one is from another and what each one offers you. This way you will know which one best suits your needs.

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As for the screen, you can use a white wall, a canvas, and even a large cut of fabric to project your movies -any of the three options has to be white-. Keep in mind that if you use a cloth or canvas, it must be well stretched, otherwise, the images will be distorted and ruin the presentation.

Although the projectors have speakers, for better sound quality you can connect the projector’s audio output to your sound system, connect the speakers to the computer or even buy Bluetooth speakers to avoid cable tangles. Try a McIntosh mp100 for high-quality sound amplification especially if you’re playing old movies or pieces of vinyl. However, you don’t need to buy all these things, you can take advantage of private cinema hire, and they will set up all things to give you a cinema-like experience at home.

Space and comfort

Any place in the house is good, but you must always take into account the number of people who will be there.

As a recommendation, to enjoy it more and turn it into a magical experience, we advise you to do it inside the garden or on the patio terrace.

For the comfort of your guests, -and depending on the conditions of your house- you can place blankets on the floor, put cushions, lounge chairs, armchairs, etc.

Another aspect that cannot be missed is the appetizers. You can give food or snacks in disposable paper or cardboard (avoiding plastic to take care of the environment ). Also, try to give food that does not stain hands or clothes too much.

Obviously, the popcorn has to be on the menu, as well as some refreshing and preferably healthy drink, you will avoid buying bottled soft drinks -which are not healthy at all- and you will save a few dollars.

How to do it?

You will need the support of a computer if you do not have a projector with an HDMI input or a Wi-Fi connection. In the case of having a computer with a DVD player, you only have to choose which movies will be part of the presentation.

But if you have a projector with an HDMI input or a Wi-Fi connection, you will choose which movie to watch among the many in the Netflix catalog.

Take into account that if there will be children, classic movies such as: -Finding Nemo, Toy Story, the Lion King, or Beauty and the Beast, cannot be missed.

If it’s family -oriented, don’t hesitate to choose comedies such as -There’s Something About Mary, The Devil Wears Prada- or you can choose horror films, dramas -The Substitute, Brokeback Mountain-. Action -Mad Max, Blade Runner-, etc.

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