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Sick and tired of missing out on your favourite movies and TV shows? Ever since the evolution of society and technology, amongst all of the benefits, life has gotten extremely hectic as well. All good things have its disadvantages as well. Therefore, finding time for your relaxation to enjoy your time with some quality entertainment is hectic. But what if I tell you, you no longer have to worry about any of that? Yes, you heard me right.

You can now enjoy all of your favourite and latest hottest hits with unlimited access for absolutely free! Philo, Inc has brought to you, Philo TV, live and on demand with the latest hits. You can now enjoy all of your favourite shows and work precisely according to your own schedule and still never miss out on any of the entertainment with Philo! The features on the app will speak for itself on how exemplary and incomparable Philo TV is.

What to watch through Philo TV?

You can watch all your favourites with live recording, which is unlimited now, so you don’t have to miss a single minute of entertainment. You can also save all of your favourite shows that are live, on-demand, recently aired, from its very own custom library.

The app comprises of over 60,000 hours of entertainment so you will never run out of keeping yourself occupied with things to watch! Philo TV comprises of over 60 channels to keep you occupied with the very best content from around the world. Channels such as AMC, BBC America, Food Network, Nickelodeon for your kids, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, and many others.

You no longer have to bored at home or even stuck in traffic or travelling. You can always effortlessly log in to Philo to enjoy all of its unlimited entertainment. And that’s not it.

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Features of Philo TV

You can also save anything that is currently airing or even scheduled to be aired so that Philo will make it available for you to watch for an entire year.

You can personalise your own experience having the ability to create 10 profiles on Philo so that everyone can enjoy their own unique favourites at anytime from anywhere around the world! You can also watch on multiple devices and enhance your w3atching experience.

Discovering your favourites, recently added movies and TV shows, and the latest hits are easy and convenient to find on Philo TV. This is extremely advantageous as you no longer have to spend hours of searching to find the best movie to watch! All you got to do is sit back and relax at the comfort of your own home and enjoy all of the entertainment Philo TV has for you. It provides a home for all the best content from around the world just for you to enjoy!

Install free Live TV app on Android TV

It is hard to find free Live TV apps on internet. Best and easiest way to find and install working Live TV app is using a third-party Tv app store. There are many Tv app stores that supports Android TV. For example, Aptoide TV, FileSynced, AppLinked, etc. Aptoide TV does not contain many free TV apps like on AppLinked and FileSynced. If you search AppLinked code for Free Live TV apps you will find many stores that has Live TV apps.

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