Huawei launches the Nova 9 smartphone

Huawei unveiled its new HUAWEI nova 9 phone, which it described as “a pioneer of its time and the king of cameras”, during a regional launch event held on Sunday, October 31, in Dubai, in the UAE.

The HUAWEI nova 9 smartphone debuts in all-new colours, and features a 50MP ultra-wide-angle camera system that captures high-quality photos and videos even in low-light conditions.

The curved display, powerful processor, battery life and ultra-fast charging technology ensure a smooth experience, and the phone’s unique features facilitate seamless synergy between the phone and other Huawei products.

Pablo Ning, the President of Huawei Consumer Business Group in the Middle East and Africa, said, “The nova series is designed to be a flagship product through powerful hardware updates and operating system integration.”

“HUAWAI’s Nova 9 offers 4K video capture and simultaneous front and back recording, as well as features for creating engaging videos for vloggers,” Ning added.

Breathtaking new design

The HUAWEI nova 9 features an elegant design, measuring just 7.77 mm thick and weighing 175 grams, and features the Nebula-inspired Star Orbit Ring, which debuted with the HUAWEI nova 8.

The phone is designed with a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, a macro camera, and a depth camera.

The new phone supports the new Touch Turbo technology, which takes mobile gaming to a new level by providing more precise and responsive control, whether it is for gaming or just browsing the Internet. The Huawei Nova 9 runs on EMUI 12, which provides users with a smart and smooth experience.

Huawei has backed its new phone with a 32-megapixel front camera, to record 4K selfie video, and AI Image Stabilization, which allows users to take high-resolution photos of themselves while talking to the camera or when they are blogging via video.

Thanks to continuous front and back recording, users can also switch between front and rear cameras, allowing them to seamlessly capture their story in a single video file. Dual-display video recording allows users to display their immediate reactions to events at the same time using the front and rear cameras without the need for editing or montage.

With Petal Clip, users can easily choose between a variety of video templates and themes before posting their vlogs or other videos to social media in no time. Moreover, video search and one-click video creation simplify complex editing processes.

The HUAWEI nova 9 offers excellent battery life with a capacity of 4300 mAh. In addition, the charging time is kept to a minimum, as the 

The new smartphone supports 66W HUAWEI Super Charge technology for high-speed charging.

After the regional launch of the new phone in Dubai, at a price of about 1799 dirhams, with a storage capacity of 128 GB, it is expected to be available during the next few weeks in Moroccan shops and supermarkets approved for selling Huawei products.

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It is worth noting that Huawei’s stability in Morocco dates back to 2002, and its first office was in Rabat, then in Casablanca. It has succeeded in creating many job opportunities, ranging from 700 to 800 direct and indirect jobs.

The volume of local purchases of Huawei in Morocco exceeds about 40 million US dollars, which is equivalent to 361 million dirhams. Huawei is also the main supplier of the information and communications technology sector in the Kingdom.

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