Richmond workers’ compensation lawyer: Here’s why you need one

Hundreds of serious workplace accidents are reported in Virginia every year. While injured workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, they don’t always get what they deserve. Many workers are unaware of their rights, while others end up accepting the first offer from the insurance company. If you were injured at work, you have the responsibility to inform your employer/supervisor. You should do so within 30 days from the date of injury. You should also file a workers’ compensation claim within two years from the date of injury. Here comes a big question – do you need a Richmond workers’ compensation lawyer? In this post, we are discussing some of the key circumstances when lawyering up is a good idea.  

Insurance companies are not working for you

Naïve workers often assume that insurance claims adjusters would be empathetic to their situation and circumstances. However, these insurance companies are working for money and don’t care about claimants. If you have sustained injuries that are likely to prevent you from working or can influence your life ahead, your workers’ compensation claim would be among the expenses cases that the insurance company will handle. They will do what it takes to undermine your claim or deny it in the first place. Get an attorney if you don’t know what your claim is worth or when your injuries are such that you need financial support for a long time to come. 

Employer discrimination and retaliation

This is not uncommon either. Many employers retaliate against employees who have filed a workers’ compensation claim. Retaliation could happen in the form of wrongful termination, treating the employee differently, or demotion. As per the workers’ compensation system in Virginia, you cannot directly sue your employer for work-related injuries, but you can definitely take action when your rights are violated. It would help if you got an attorney as soon as something like that happens. There is no better way of protecting your rights as an employee. 

Knowing the case better

What is the worth of your workers’ compensation claim? That’s a million-dollar question, which you must answer before taking steps to complete the claims process. Your lawyer will explain that and much more, including the evidence you need to win your workers’ compensation claim. Get an attorney on your side so that you don’t miss any of the legal options and rights available to you. 

You can find local lawyers in Richmond specializing in workers’ compensation claims through an online search.

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