SuperBull: Fulfilling the Crypto Ecosystem

2021 was a remarkable year for the cryptocurrency industry. Now there are more projects, more money, more investors, more crypto exchanges, and more money than ever before in the crypto market. Among such amazing options, we have SuperBull (SBULL), a support program that strives to fulfill Crypto Ecosystem in the interest of both the community and its owners.

Superbull (SBULL), Social Responsibilities Crypto Project

SuperBull is a community-based project that utilizes the power of a community that believes in the bull market and aspires to achieve success from crypto growth. This community is a group of people with a common interest in building a prosperous society and safeguarding its right to live. 

Essential SuperBull features include a community-based charity fund, with a designated search team to find accredited providers. SuperBull also takes market trends and preferences to create NFTs become the product of talented and powerful NFT artists whose marketing will play a major role.

Reliable Partner – 5ROI Global

People tend to think that the ICO crypto market was a gain. But as a way of climbing, crypto companies have to do their social work like other companies always do. It is not for making money but it will give back to the community.

5ROI Global is operating as a Centralized Exchanges (CEX) in the crypto market. In the process of completing its ecosystem, the vision of 5ROI Global is making social work one of the most important priorities. That is why SuperBull and 5ROI Global have become trusted friends and ready to change people’s minds about cryptocurrency.

5ROI Global and SuperBull are teaming up in the airline event. Everyone registered with 5ROI Global will receive a free SBULL token free of charge. And when it says “everyone” it means EVERYONE.

How can SuperBull help the community?


superbull promotes the growth of the crypto market with community-building work and a better community together. After signing up for the exchange, 50% of all donations will be made to donor funds (to be announced in Quarter 2/2022), with an additional 5% commission for each subsequent SuperBull transaction sent to our BullFund Wallet.

Instant Rewards

Every time you sell SuperBull Tokens, 5% of the sales revenue will be for existing owners, which means that the more you hold, the more you earn. SuperBull believes that our clients are those who have financial experience and community heart.

Liquidity Pool. 5% of sales revenue will be awarded to Liquidity Pool for SuperBull.

Future Development

As DeFi and NFT regions grow rapidly, ways to control blocked protocols become increasingly important. One of the challenges facing these regions now, and in the years to come, is to define governance. In other words, it is the process of formulating a combination of decision-making to increase revenue and performance.

However, jurisdictions include significant consolidation costs related to the need to include network participants in the by-elections. This joint venture can significantly reduce the new types of decentralized networks that can be managed alongside participants through smart contracts.

Driven entirely by code, without a single leader or single point of failure, DAO network groups are joined by common motivations and interests. Many new protocols are being built using this platform, and while many activities are still underway on open financial systems, this system is also being implemented by traditional buying and selling technologies and other collections. In many ways, DAOs can be seen as part of a banking investment, company, or joint venture through cryptographic bonds.

As the SuperBull is a community-based service provider, DAO governs donations that help in the following areas: financial transparency, asset owners, asset managers, asset risk management, and asset protection.  The jurisdiction will allow the local board to take full control and promote the promotion, value, and demand of SuperBull.

5ROI Global Superbull Token Airdrop: Sign up and earn $ 20 worth of Superbull token. Also, get five dollars worth of Superbull tokens by inviting your friends to 5ROI.

There is no need to terminate any transaction or hold any crypto to get Superbull tokens worth $ 20. You just need to sign up from the sending link and complete your KYC. Initially we had published about how to Get $ 0.7 Daily from Hi Token Airdrop and $ 0.5 worth of Hi Token for each shipment when you invite your friends.

5ROI Global is a global exchange of cryptocurrencies that provides a platform for sharing diversity in the world. 5ROI Global is launching a Superbull token airdrop where new users will receive 140,000,000 SBULL tokens worth 1500 or $ 20 at the expected price.

SBULL Token Airdrop Details

5ROI Global and SuperBull have officially launched the SBULL token airdrop program.

  • Time: From 20 January 2022 to 20 February 2022.
  • Participants: All potential and current users of 5ROI Global.
  • Internal Event: The first million members participating will share the bonus fund with the following activities.

New registration: 140,000,000 SBULL tokens

Target friends to participate in marketing to 5ROI Global: 28,000,000 SBULL on shipping

Indirectly send friends to participate in sales to 5ROI Global: 7,000,000 SBULL on shipping

  • The system will deliver SBULL Token up to 3 days after the completion of the task successfully.
  • The received SBULL will be closed and reopened within 90 days from the date the account was successfully created for any transaction at 5ROI Global.
  • The system will give advance to the member who completes the task first.

More info

Charity and Social Responsibilities miss out on the Crypto Ecosystem and will be even more able in the near future. More information can be read in SuperBull’ website.

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