Dominate Apex Legends FF7 Rebirth Collab Event

With the current and, for the first time in Apex history, the first collaboration event of Apex Legends kicking off, the game has soared to new heights and is definitely amongst the most-played FPS games right now! Not to mention, the free skins for Wattson, Crypto, Wraith, and other Legends and their weapons within the game look as stylish as ever, but the main highlight of the event is probably the Mythic Buster Sword R5 Melee cosmetic as well as the One-Winged Angel Death Box, that are equipable by any Legend in any mode!

What makes this event so unique?

You may wonder what is so special about this event in Apex Legends that is making all the headlines in the gaming world. This is the first time that any type of cross-over event has happened within the game, and it pays homage to a well-beloved franchise by adding features to its gameplay, such as Materia!

What this “Materia” does is that it enhances your gameplay experience whenever you’re playing a match in Apex game. An example would be like this: Red Materia act as Summons where a Nessie companion is summoned to attack your foes, Blue Materia for HP Absorption, Yellow for Assessing enemies, and so on. They’re known as Materia Hop-Ups, and they can be attached with select weapons! The good news is that they appear throughout the world and in the event-limited Cactuar Ticks as well!

Special Cosmetic Skins

As you all know by now, cosmetics are the only way a game like Apex can earn any money, considering that it is a free-to-play game. These cosmetics are worth the run of the money because their designs look gorgeous! Crypto donning the Soldier First-Class kit suits him, and Horizon’s Aerith Gainsborough skin looks cute on her! Let’s not forget Wraith putting on the Vincent Valentine-inspired skin that also features the iconic Chaos Claws weapon!

Newcastle getting the good old Barrett Wallace skin, Valkyrie having the good looks of Yuffie Kisaragi, and Wattson having Yuffie’s Moogle-themed Kup Power skin are fine additions to the event, showing off that style and flair!  Each of these skins costs 2150 Apex coins per character, which can be expensive for most players.

Not to mention, the One-Winged Angel Death Box, which is a Sephiroth-themed death box, costs around $360 if you wish to die with style.

Duration of the event

This seems to be uncharted territory, but the event started on January 9th, 2024. If you’re an avid Apex player, you must know by now that most events in Apex Legends are around for two weeks.

This one seems to be the exception, as the event is listed to go on until January 30th, 2024. It’s better to make use of this limited-time event.


The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collaboration event is a massive one for Apex Legends players and gamers. If you want to make the best use of this event as well as catch up to the current rankings, make sure to buy Apex Legends Accounts from U7BUY. We have Apex pred account for sale, you can stay ahead of the game!.

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