Top 10 Tools for Photo Editing and Creating Visual Projects

These days you don’t have to study for years to create beautiful designs for a 22Bet Portugal website or edit pictures for your Instagram blog. In this case, you can use one of the following multifunctional editors.


It’s a cloud-based visual content creation platform where all the work is done in an online editor. Visme offers thousands of ready-made templates, images, icons, over 50 diagrams and maps, audio and video clips, and you can add your own elements by simply dragging and dropping them onto the desired slide.

The service allows you to create presentations, infographics, animations, and banners. You can download the project in PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF and HTML5 format. Visme is adapted for team work: it is possible to leave edits and remarks on the project, share private or public links to files and also to use analytics tools.

Once your project is complete, you can publish it online, make it private, embed it into a website, or download it for offline use.

The tool is suitable for beginners, professionals and teams alike. Visme has a free version that offers 100 MB of storage and a template library, but with limited access. 

Adobe Express

This is Adobe’s online service that allows you to quickly create small projects.

Adobe Express is handy for creating materials to publish to social networks, as it offers the most common image sizes. You can also create uncomplicated adaptive websites and short videos.

The tool offers different styles of lettering, animation, it’s possible to add minimalist icons and images from Adobe Stock, there is also a function to apply corporate style. In this case, the user adds logos, fonts and brand colors, and the service creates a simple collection of templates. Branded logos and fonts can be shared with the team in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat features.

Adobe Express is suitable for professionals who can work with a minimal set of tools. The tool is included in the Creative Cloud package, but you can also buy a subscription separately.More info about Door Locks


This is a quick design tool for creating graphics for social media and advertising. It supports all social networks and offers a variety of image export options. RelayThat offers custom fonts and font pairing, as well as ad photo templates and a color scheme change option. The service has more than 2,000 smart layouts and 3 million free photos.

To use RelayThat for free, you only need an account. However, on such a plan, photos will be watermarked.


This is a SaaS solution that doesn’t require any software installation. It allows you to create branded images, presentations, as well as business cards for social networks in JPG, PNG or PDF formats.

The tool offers 1GB of cloud storage, more than 9,000 images and textures, 100 fonts and 1,000 templates, as well as stock images. In PicMonkey, you can edit each layer of an image separately. However, there’s no batch processing option for photos.

Design Wizard

This is a tool for creating static graphics or short videos. It supports the most common formats for social networks, as well as document and presentation templates. The library of the service has more than 1 million images, thousands of videos, illustrations, graphics and much more.

You can work with image “layers” in the Graphics Editor and with the “montage areas” and timeline in the Video Editor. However, Design Wizard has no tools for visualizing data, icons, or illustrations.


This is a cloud-based online visual content graphic design tool that is browser-based and has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It provides 5 million free stock photos, over 1.5 million background images, 1.3 thousand templates, 5 thousand fonts and 140 photo size settings. You can also create your own fonts.

Stencil interface allows marketers and bloggers to manipulate images for social media, create visual elements for content marketing, create graphic ads and photos for email marketing. Images can be watermarked with their own watermarks.


This is a visual content editor for social networks with a lot of bright and spectacular templates. The service offers custom shaped frames, icons, illustrations, patterns and over 1 million stock images. It lets you create animated GIFs, add highlighting, and use a color palette generator.

Easil offers the ability to edit and lock individual elements if a template is created for a team. The editor is suitable for content creators for social media and blogs, particularly for bloggers and entrepreneurs in design and fashion, small businesses or startups. It’s handy for creating pins for Pinterest. 


This free tool requires you to sign up for the site. It offers over 1,300 ready-made image templates.

The editor has integrations with Unsplash and Pixabay, giving its users access to high-quality stock images, and the integration with Iconfinder provides access to free icons.

The service also offers ready-made color schemes and a mocap (three-dimensional object models) generator for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. For group work, you can create workspaces for each brand or project, each with its own colors, design, files, and settings.


This editor offers tools to create visual content from social media posts to printed materials. VistaCreate has a library of animated illustrations, audio files, a branding option, more than 60,000 design templates, more than 1 million photos, videos and vector images, and 10GB of storage for files and projects.

The editor also has templates for businesses as well. A project can be developed within a team of up to 10 people. However, the service does not offer features for data visualization. The editor is suitable for bloggers and small companies.


This editor offers tools for creating invitations, banners, postcards, posts, and business logos, and preparing them for publication and printing.

Desygner has an archive of free photos and templates with no restrictions on their use, as well as vector images, stickers, backgrounds, web banners and blog headers. The editor makes it easy to drag and drop and edit photos. Desygner, unlike its competitors, also supports PSD and PPT formats and lets you edit PDF files.

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