Top 5 Online Escape Room Games for Kids 

Out of the various entertainment services and options available in our world at present, escape rooms are one of the best recreational choices for kids and adults alike. They are the trending break-out-of-the-room games that are fun and educational for kids and teens due to their ability to help them learn soft skills and get the mental practice of puzzle-solving and comprehensive learning. While some online puzzle games are challenging and require the mindset of an adult, we also have got many riddles that are kid-friendly and easy to play. 

So, let us look at the top-5 online escape room games for kids that you can also enjoy with your children: 

  • Dr. Seuss Escape Room 

This online escape room game takes inspiration from the marvelous works of the famous author Dr. Seuss. Throughout the game setting, you will come across beautiful pictures and creative puzzle designs that make for its layout and form the picturesque setting of the gameplay. While the challenges and riddles may come off as a bit hard for the kids, in the beginning, they will soon learn to enjoy it thoroughly and bond with their family and friends by doing some mental exercises.  

  • Halloween Haunt 

Let’s take a little ride to something spooky on our list. When you get stuck in a graveyard on All Hallows’ Eve and the fear rises in your veins, can you solve all the puzzles and find the answer to the codes in this escape room before midnight strikes down? And since the Halloween Haunt takes ideas and style from various real-world situations, you can expect both you and your kids to enjoy and get immersed in this fun-filling online eerie escape game.  

  • Defeat Thanos and Save the World 

This superhero-based adventurous escape room is suitable for ages 11 and above. Thanos has launched an all-scale attack on your city, and now it is up to you to save your town from complete demolition. You get a remarkable chance to team up with the Avengers and fight by their side to defeat Thanos in a labyrinth of fun puzzles and clues that will leave the kids intrigued with its twists and turns.  

  • Looney Tunes Locks 

This escape room is one of a kind journey where you get to find all the Looney Tunes characters by solving the puzzles and challenges of the game. Set in a world with stunning scenic views, you will find yourself mesmerized by the pacing of the game and the unique riddles present in it. There’s an unexpected twist at every turn, and therefore you won’t feel bored at any instant. And its easily playable setting is suitable for kids to grasp the gameplay quickly.  

  • Hogwarts Digital Escape Room 

If your kids are a fan of Harry Potter and the Hogwarts school, this escape game is the ideal entertainment resort for them. You get to embark on an expedition filled with the colorful and mysterious aspects of the wizarding world in this game by solving different puzzles and finding answers to the fun riddles. It is a fifteen-minute game span and can be played individually and with a team. 

These games are non-addicting and provide a fun way for children to communicate with others around them. It will keep them occupied through delightfully interactive puzzles that will help them practice problem-solving skills simply and entertainingly. And with the unique themes and iconic characters, you can expect your children to ask for another round immediately after winning the first one. 


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