Watch Thomo cockfighting live at the classy New88 game portal

Thomo live cockfighting game is a betting playground that attracts millions of cockfighters around the world to participate. In this famous arena, players will be able to watch fierce and exciting competitions between professional cockfighting heroes. Bookmaker New888 – Thomo cockfighting live Safe and reputable with the fastest access link in Vietnam today. Join us to explore this top cockfighting playground.

What is Thomo cockfighting?

As you all know, Thomo cockfighting is an extremely attractive form of live cockfighting held at the Thomo arena, Cambodia. Thomo is a district along the border between Cambodia and Vietnam. Although the area is relatively small, this is a famous place in the world for prestigious Thomo cockfighting live arenas.

This top-notch arena is where most of the prestigious cockfighting tournaments are held, gathering hundreds of excellent cockfighters from around the world to participate. This place is associated with famous Thomo cockfighting live matches at modern cockfighting venues.

The cockfighting playground in Thomo has also been licensed to operate legally by the Philippine government. Therefore, there are many cockfighters who travel hundreds of kilometers just to come here to participate in exciting cockfighting matches. Some top tournaments are held here such as: Asian Cup, Elite Tournament, Cambodia Open Cockfighting Tournament,… with prizes for the champion cock up to 18 billion VND.

Thomo cockfighting live matches take place extremely transparently, safely and with very high professional quality. Surveillance cameras and cameras are installed around the cockfighting ring and competition field, so there is no cheating in the exciting matches here.

Currently, there are many live cockfighting betting websites that own copyrights to reputable Thomo cockfighting matches. But New88 is still the pioneer in distributing Thomo cockfighting directly to cockfighters throughout Asia. Bookmaker New88 has also been licensed to operate legally by the Philippine government.

Where is it safe to watch Thomo cockfighting live?

You can find many reputable links to directly watch Thomo cockfighting. Among them is the bookmaker New88 – a live cockfighting paradise with the world’s top bets. Bettors will experience thrilling matches, preferential bets and win lots of bonuses. The reasons why bookmaker New88 attracts many bettors to participate are:

Legitimate bookmaker

As introduced above, the New88 live cockfighting game portal has been licensed to operate by the Cambodian government. In addition, the house was also granted GEOTRUST certificate for the most attractive betting website in Asia by CEZA Limited organization.

Many classic cockfights

When watching Thomo cockfighting live at New88, gamers will admire many international-class competitions with top-class cocks. Many chicken breeds appear at the Thomo arena such as: Vietnamese fighting chickens, Philippine chickens, American chickens, Asil chickens, Indian chickens, Java chickens,…

Thomo cockfighting matches include many genres such as:

  • Cockfighting with iron spurs
  • Knife cockfighting
  • Cockfighting
  • Peruvian cockfighting
  • American cockfighting
  • Bamboo cockfighting

Live view and playback features

When coming to bookmaker New88, bettors will be able to watch top cockfighting matches live on the bookmaker’s betting website platform. Every day, players can watch hundreds of classic matches with high-class fighters participating.

In addition, the game portal provides a match replay feature so that bettors can watch exciting matches again if they accidentally missed them before.
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Incentives with redemption rates

This famous cockfighting playground offers thousands of top-notch betting odds to help you quickly get rich. Bettors can track and close high-class bets with very high winning rates such as:

  • Bet on Meron: this is the house’s bet, the winning player will receive a reward with a ratio of 1:1
  • Betting on Wala: this is a bet for away chickens, the winning bettor will win at a rate of 1:1.
  • Bet on Draw (BDD): if you think the match will end in a draw, then close this reputable bet, the winning rate will be 1:8

Receive cockfighting promotions

When watching Thomo cockfighting live, bettors will also have the opportunity to receive many meaningful gifts from bookmaker New88. Some of the most classy promotional events are:

  • Giving a bonus of 2 million VND to new players joining New88
  • Refund of cockfighting betting losses at 0.8% per day
  • Welcome Thomo cockfighting bets with a 100% deposit bonus

Discover the rules of Thomo cockfighting

The prestigious Thomo cockfighting live arena offers extremely high quality and classy tournaments. The house issues specific regulations on game rules and competition time to bring fairness to all participating cocks.

The latest Thomo cockfighting rules in 2022 are as follows:

  • Weight class regulations: there will be 3 weight classes for cocks participating in the competition: light weight, medium weight and heavy weight. For each certain weight class, pairs of competing cocks will have similar weights and will be paired to fight each other.
  • Time regulations: each round of Thomo cockfighting will last 15 minutes. If there are multiple rounds, the cocks will have a 5-minute break between rounds. Almost every cockfight at this famous arena usually only lasts about 5 minutes due to the fierce nature and high lethality of iron cockfighting spurs.
  • Result rules: the rooster that gets the higher score from the organizers will win. In addition, cocks that run away or die during competition will be forfeited. The cock with the most wins in the entire tournament will be the champion

Instructions for betting on Thomo cockfighting at New88

To watch Thomo cockfighting live and bet on high-class cockfighting at the reputable New88 bookmaker, please follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Register a gaming account at bookmaker New88. If you already have an account, please proceed to log in
  • Step 2: Select Live Cockfighting game, then select Thomo Cockfighting to participate
  • Step 3: Bet players choose the match they want. After that, you will deposit money into the house to close the bet
  • Step 4: After depositing money, the player presses the Bet button to close the bet
  • Step 5: Watch the cockfighting match to know the final results. Players will receive bonuses if they close the bet correctly


Thus, to watch Thomo cockfighting live safely, reputablely and accurately, bettors should quickly access the bookmaker. New88 level. This is the No. 1 extremely attractive and transparent cockfighting betting playground in the Vietnamese market today.

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