What Are Some Tips for Making Smoothies?

I like to keep my combinations simple, so that they’re easier to digest. I rarely use more than five ingredients in my recipes and I like using water-rich foods. All the recipes I put together are for one person.

Take care to chew your smoothies and swish them around in your mouth before swallowing. Blended, ‘pre-digested’ foods can be a great help for us in terms of absorption and assimilation; yet, digestion still begins in the mouth.

The more you chew your foods, the more effective the digestive process will be. If you have extra smoothie mix, you can pour it into ice cube/popsicle trays and leave it to freeze for a future snack or add it to a different blend some other time. You can pour the extra smoothie mix onto a Telex sheet and dehydrate it into smoothie leather.

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You might find it works better to combine it with something like ground chia or flax seeds first, so that it’s less runny. With any banana-based smoothies, leftovers can also be frozen (stirring a few times during the freezing process to break up ice crystals). It comes out as delicious raw ice cream.

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Put everything until smooth. Dr. Yoshiaki Moura discovered that mercury levels in the urine increased after an individual ate Vietnamese soup, which contains cilantro. Dr. Moura’s further research discovered that the herb cilantro could accelerate the excretion of mercury, lead, and aluminum from the body

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