What are the rights of a female in a divorce in the USA?

Statistics reveal that almost 50% of marriages in the USA end up in divorce. Thanks to the USA rules, which can help both males and females control the situation if it is not solved by the cooperation of spouses. Women are globally supported in this emotional and painful situation, and they have a lot of rights to cope under different conditions.

Let’s discuss some of the most essential female rights in divorce in the USA.

A female can ask for divorce:

A woman has a right to file for divorce if his husband mentally or physically tortures her and doesn’t care for her financial expenses. In fact, it’s better to file the divorce case first because it will help her keep the situation under her control. If your husband does not agree to give you divorce and does not even bother to change himself for you, you can use your divorce right to get rid of your unhappy marital life.

Right for property sharing:

According to Palo Alto family law attorneys “The property is generally classified as marital property or separate property. The property owned and money earned by both partners or single partner during married life is considered marital property. It is divided 50/50 percent According to USA law. While the property that spouses own before marriage, inherited property, and gifts from people other than their spouse are their sole right.” So, if your ex-husband doesn’t give you the share of the property, you can raise your voice to get your rights.

Debt rights:

Its the duty of both spouses to pay the debts equally without creating any nuisance for each other even after their divorce. So, if your ex-husband is not agreed to cooperate with you in this matter, you can seek court assistance by using your legal rights in USA.

Right of Child custody:

Child custody is governed by the state instead of federal law in the USA. A female has the right to file the case for child custody if her ex-husband doesn’t allow her to visit her child for any reason.

Child custody mainly involves:

Joint custody (both parents are involved)

The rule for this was passed in the 1970s, and it is further divided into two categories; Joint legal custody and joint physical custody. In joint legal custody, both parents have the right to decide about the child’s major decisions like education, health, and religion. While in Joint physical custody, both parents can keep the child with them repeatedly.

Sole custody (only one parent is involved)

In sole custody, only one parent is allowed to take custody of their child, and the other parent can occasionally visit the child.

Child support:

Mostly, the female is the child’s custodian if the child is small or depends on the child’s interest. If you are a custodian and need child support for your child’s financial and medical care and your ex-husband doesn’t cooperate with you, you have a right to file a case for child support.

Right for Alimony

Alimony is, called spousal payment, is a predetermined periodic sum awarded to the spouse after divorce. The spouse pays this financial support to his/her spouse if he/she is financially less strong than him/her.

A female has a right to request alimony in the USA. If his ex-husband refuses to pay this periodic sum, he will put himself at stake in the civil or criminal charge. The tax-cut and Job Acts (TCJA) have finished the tax deduction for alimony for the divorce in January 2019.

The amount of alimony is determined mainly by the financial status of both partners, duration of their marital life, age of separated partner, and earning capacity. But a woman will lose the right to alimony if she marry someone else after divorce.

Alimony may be:

  • Temporary alimony
  • Permanent alimony
  • Rehabilitation alimony
  • Reimbursement alimony
  • Lump-sum alimony


No doubt it’s a painful experience to get a divorce, but it’s better to file the divorce case instead of putting your life at stake. You can properly use your rights to ask the court in the USA to ask your husband to fulfill your right demands.



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