Why Should You Call the Police After Being Involved in an Auto Accident in Tucson?

You may think you’ll be better off by yourself, but it’s important to call the police and report what happened after a car accident. It’s crucial to make sure everyone is safe and protected should there be any criminal charges or suspicions of fraud. The officer who arrives on location will take care of the scene and may even catch the person who caused the accident if they’re still nearby. According to a tucson auto accident attorney, no matter whether the accident is small or big, you should essentially call the police and report the accident to avoid future complications.

You should call the police after being involved in an auto accident in Tucson for many reasons. For example, the police may come to your location and help you fill out an incident report on behalf of you or your insurance provider. The report usually takes only 15 minutes to complete and will provide insurance providers with information about who was at fault. Police officers can also take pictures of any damage to your vehicle, which could be used as evidence if you are unable to produce them yourself.

When Does Accident reports By Police Become Helpful?

1. Other person denies it is their fault

A lot of people deny that they were in an accident or that they caused it. This is because the person who caused the accident could face serious repercussions. But nowadays, police reports are used as evidence when someone denies fault. The police report form allows witnesses to come forward and offer input on what really happened. Therefore, if you are asked to fill out a police report after an accident, you should do so as accurately as possible.

2. Other person claims excessive injury or damages

When an accident is reported to the police, the report becomes a helpful tool for anyone who may want to sue or claim damages. The report is used as evidence that injuries occurred during the accident, especially if the other person tries to say they were not injured. When someone has been in an accident, and their medical bills are high, or their injuries are severe enough to include hospitalization, they should report it to the police so that there will be proof of having an accident.

3. Insurance company denies the claim

When insurance companies deny claims, accident reports can provide key details of the event that may help convince the company to reverse its decision. To ensure the best chance of success, it is important to document all injuries and damages at the scene carefully. Having an accident report helps both the driver and their insurer understand what happened better than if they only knew what they could remember after the event.

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