Call Of Duty: Warzone – What Types Of Vehicles You Will Ride In Game?

Maps of Call Of Duty: Warzone are large and small too, but it doesn’t mean you cannot travel faster in the game. It is possible to get the whole squad together to rush on enemies when you spot them anywhere, so simply get-in the vehicle and reach their place faster.  Apparently, the vehicle will attract the attention of the enemies towards you, so it is possible that someone put aim on you, but you can be thankful for warzone hacks that will warn you very quickly.

In case, you find any enemy is already aiming at your vehicle then you can park it in the cover like a wall or something else. Due to this, you can securely get-out from the vehicle and able to aim at the target with your snipers. Make sure, everything works on the planning, so be the best driver of your squad. Now you can check out some great types of vehicles that are available in the Call Of Duty: Warzone game.

5 different types of vehicles!

Basically, there are 5 different types of vehicles available in the Call Of Duty: Warzone game, so it is not possible for the whole squad to ride on each vehicle, but they can ride some of them. Here you can check out a brief explanation of each vehicle –

  1. Cargo Truck – When it comes to taking the entire squad, then it would become very easy with the Cargo Truck. It can easily hold the whole team and an additional vehicle in the back that is really amazing. However, never ever count on the getting to your destination very quickly because it is quite slower as compare to other vehicles, but is good in defense.
  2. SUV – The most used vehicle in the game is the SUV and it is the not slowest vehicle, but never provides the most protection. If you feel really afraid of enemies while riding the SUV then don’t worry because warzone hacks will alert you, if any enemy spot you.
  3.  Tactical Rover – If you like to ride the ATV, but also want the protection and the room for your squad, then you should choose the option of Tactical rover that is ride quickly and provide great protection to the players.
  4. ATV – Let me start from the ATV that is a great option for those players who prefer to move quickly. However, make sure there is no any kind of roof on the ATV, so don’t expect the protection on it. This specific
  5. Helicopter – Helicopter can easily hold up to 5 players one time and we can say that it is the fastest way to cover the large distance really safely. You can also use it to transport the team to the skyscrapers. Even you can use it to take out the other vehicles.

Moving further, we have mentioned some great types of the vehicles that used in the game. In case, you are camping into the building, then warzone hacks will prove really supportive for you and your squad.

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