Clash Royale’s Best Champions for Beginners

We present top-notch strategies and ways to exploit impressive strategies inside Clash Royale. When you’re attacking or defending, you rely mostly on your Champion. Depending on your active “right hand,” you can earn better outcomes. Above all, remember to check for more information about Clash Royale and other popular video games.

Fastest Champion (Golden Knight)

To gain the upper hand in a battle of Clash Royale, you need units moving around quickly between halves and complete objectives. As a result, you can spawn your troops in your zone and see them go to attack the rival king.

If you’re looking for a fast approach, add the Golden Knigth to your Battle Deck. This champion will cross the bridge and attack the enemy’s buildings ASAP. Remember to send “tanky” units first to reduce the upcoming damage to your champion.

Strongest Defense (Little Prince)

On the other hand, if you want to take the turtle approach and deplete the enemy’s attacks with your arsenal, you should grab tanky units. You will see the enemy’s minions crumbling into the ground before they reach your towers.

The Little Prince will help you achieve this type of gameplay. This champion will handle the attacking force of your adversaries and set a powerful counter-attack. After you crush the hopes of your enemies, add tanky units and see them move slowly to your victory.

King Tower Destroyer (Mighty Miner)

Forget about tricky strategies or sophisticated battle tricks. Stick to the main goal, and finish the match ASAP. It doesn’t matter how many surprises your adversaries have in their Battle Decks; they won’t get to use them.

Add the Mighty Miner to your arsenal and see him melt the enemy’s structures with his potential. If you don’t own this champion or powerful elements to your Battle Deck, you could explore the Clash Royale accounts for sale and check their bonuses. Unlock many useful items and dominate the arena.

Defensive Building Breaker (Skeleton King)

If the enemy has tons of turrets on the way, you could send those units that tolerate the damage and have attacking capabilities. You will soon leave the frustration behind and become a better attacker.

The Skeleton King has enough power to tank that amount of upcoming damage and destroy buildings when he gets close. Invest some resources to upgrade this champion and see this abomination take control of the battlefield.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have all the cards on the table, the rest is up to you. Pick the strategy that suits your playstyle and assemble an outstanding Battle Deck with the right champion. After a while, you could select a different approach and see how the battlefield changes with your arsenal. Become a better strategist and learn how to counter your enemy’s plans.

Good luck!

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