How to Convert PDF Files Swiftly and in High-Quality

PDFs are the swiftest way to transfer essential data from one system to another due to their small sizes. Moreover, PDF is also the most secure format for all confidential data. However, one major drawback of such files is that you need a decent PDF editor to edit them. That’s why some people prefer documents in other formats which are easy to edit, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

Multiple online converting tools on the internet allow users to convert PDF to other file formats. To rely on them would be a wrong decision because there are high chances of data loss and malware attacks. In this article, you will find the best PDF converter and learn how to use it. 

Part 1: What is the Best PDF Converter in the Market

UPDF is emerging as the finest PDF converter of the 21st century because of its astonishing features. This tool works at a blazing-fast speed due to its advanced system. Whether you want to send your presentation in PowerPoint or share an employee’s record in Excel, turn all your PDF documents into other formats in seconds. 

This continuously evolving tool also has the Batch Convert feature, which lets users simultaneously convert PDFs to another format. You don’t have to go through the complex steps or learn something extra to convert PDF files. Moreover, besides popular MS Office file formats, it can convert documents to GIF, BMP, HTML, or PDF/A. 

Besides working as a PDF converter, UPDF is also a master at editing, annotating, organizing, and viewing PDF files. In other words, it is a modern tool capable of resolving all PDFs problem in a blink. Go through the following points to learn what are other features of UPDF are:

1. Professional PDF Editor 

Want to edit text, images, and links of PDF files? Worry less and edit more using UPDF, the world-class PDF editor. You can change text color, size, and style to make your e-books more appealing. Your learning ability will increase by changing the eye-straining background with smooth colors using this tool.

2. Amazing PDF Organizer

A lot of students valuable time is wasted because of the disorganized documents. That is where UPDF becomes a savior by providing the best features to organize files. It can quickly crop, rotate and replace PDF pages to make a handy file. With a simple drag-and-drop method, the pages can be rearranged very easily. 

3. Remarkable PDF Annotator

Use sticky notes, text boxes, or text callouts available on this feature-rich tool to add additional information to your e-book. You can also make attention-catching documents by adding beautiful stickers, stamps, and shapes. Moreover, essential lines of the document can be highlighted or underlined with beautiful colors. 

4. Revolutionary OCR Technology

If you want to extract information from the scanned document, change it to an editable file using UPDF. It has the most advanced OCR technology that can be used to change scanned handwritten pages to PDF file format that you can edit later. You can also change your private documents to non-searchable and non-editable files to increase their security. 

Part 2: How to Convert PDF to Other Popular Formats

Working with UPDF is very simple because of its intuitive interface. Easily convert PDFs to other file formats in two ways. One way is used when you want to convert a single PDF file, while the other is followed when converting multiple PDFs at once. Feel free to follow the below-given steps to convert PDF using the “Convert” and “Batch Convert” features:

Instructions to Use the Convert Feature

Step 1: Import the PDF file into the UPDF Tool

Launch UPDF on your laptop and tap the “Open File” option. A new window will open from where you have to select the PDF and press the “Open” button. In this way, your PDF will import into the tool.

Step 2: Convert PDF to desired File Format

At the right tool panel, access the “Export PDF” icon and choose the format in which you want to convert PDF. From the new pop-up window, adjust the “Page Range” option and hit the “Export” button. Now save the file to the preferred location.

Instructions to Use the Batch Convert Feature

Step 1: Access the Batch Button of the UPDF Tool

After launching UPDF, go to the “Batch” button and access the “Convert” feature. Click the “Add Files” button and select the PDF file. Press the “+Add Files” menu on the top and choose the “Add Files” option if you want to add more files.

Step 2: Select the Format and Batch Convert PDFs

After launching UPDF, go to the “Batch” button and access the “Convert” feature. Following this, tap the “Add Files” button and select the PDF file. Press the “+Add Files” menu on the top and choose the “Add Files” option if you want to add more files. 

Part 3: Why Not Use Online PDF Converters? 

Departments with top-secret data never trust online tools because they are very well aware of the downside of such unauthorized tools. There are many reasons which make the online tool less likely to be used, and some of them are discussed below:

  1. File Size Limitation

Online converters have size limitation problems, due to which you cannot convert PDF files larger than the allowed size. In comparison to this, documents of any size can be converted to other formats with a breeze on UPDF. Thus, whether you want to convert a complete e-book or just a few pages of it, always use UPDF. 

  1. Ads Distraction

You encounter multiple distracting ads while converting PDFs using online applications. Ads not only slow down your progress but also increase the risk of catching some uninvited malware. However, UPDF is an ad-free tool making your work quite effective and efficient. Above all, its interface is more delightful than outdated online software.

  1. Limited Features

Online PDF converters can only convert PDFs, but UPDF is the complete package that provides other amazing features to manage such documents. It can attach stickers, add watermarks, embed header and footer, and incorporate links to PDF files. Above all, many online converting tools don’t support the batch convert PDFs feature like UPDF. 

  1. High Price

UPDF offers several features at an affordable price, but online tools are pretty expensive. The price hike is because online converters have to build their virtual algorithms to convert PDFs to other formats. Additionally, you don’t have to buy multiple licenses to use UPDF on different platforms because a single license is enough for all operating systems.

  1. Less Secure

Cybercrime mainly occurs through online applications, that’s why people avoid using them. UPDF is the safest PDF converter because no third party can intervene in your data. You can safely convert sensitive documents to any file format. Moreover, it also increases document security by allowing you to add two different types of passwords.


In a nutshell, UPDF is the best PDF converter holding all the modern features to cater to PDF issues. This ultra-fast software increases work productivity by not showing delays while performing tasks. Unlike online converters, you don’t need internet access to use UPDF. Thus, start using this user-friendly tool to change PDF files to other formats.

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