Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid While Working with a New Freight Forwarder

In the logistics industry, freight forwarding professionals always search for ways to find the perfect and reliable freight forwarders to build a partnership. Some business owners face difficulties while choosing the perfect freight forwarder. This is because there are many freight forwarding companies available in the market. If you don’t know some crucial factors, you might end up partnering with bad or irrelevant freight forwarding companies.

Deciding to work with a freight forwarder to transport your goods from one location to another is simple, but you need to remember various aspects of the logistics industry to make your partnership beneficial and successful. Even though freight forwarders are capable of increasing the value of your business, many companies make mistakes while working with a new freight forwarder. Here are the top 3 mistakes you should avoid while working with a new freight forwarder. read more  : topworldzone

You Don’t Discuss Your Priorities with the Freight Forwarders

The relationship of your business with the freight forwarder is based upon the partnership you make. However, many companies still fail to build a robust partnership with freight forwarding companies. You’re contacting the freight forwarder to transport the products of your business from one location to another. Therefore, you need to ensure the understandings of the freight forwarder regarding their services. You need to be transparent about your priorities while contacting a freight forwarder. For instance, is speed more important than cost? If you want to ship the goods as quickly as possible, you need to use air freight. If cost is a factor, you need to use ocean freights as they are cheaper than air freights. You can also use other transportation systems such as rail freights and road freights. Make sure the freight forwarder is aware of your objectives.

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You Don’t Leverage the Online Tools of the Freight Forwarders

Most great freight forwarding companies will offer custom online tools that will help you manage the shipping requirements. However, some business owners don’t know about these tools or don’t know how to use them effectively. These great tools will not only help your business save a significant amount of time but also help you communicate with your supply chain perfectly. Therefore, make sure you leverage the benefits of these tools that your freight forwarding company has offered you. Apart from the cosco shipping tracking tools, you can also use analytical software that will allow you to know the insights. These tools are extremely effective at reducing the administration.

You Forget to Check What’s Included in the Shipping Quotes

The shipping process is undoubtedly complicated, so is the pricing. Therefore, the shipping quotes are dependent on each freight forwarder. Sometimes, businesses get caught out because they weren’t aware of their responsibilities as well as the responsibilities that are established with the freight forwarder. Therefore, make sure you understand what is included and what is excluded in the shipping quotes you receive from the freight forwarders.

For instance, check if insurance is included in the shipping quotes. As per Investopedia, insurance is the contract policy. Additionally, check if the freight forwarding company will handle all the essential documentation at the customs. Make sure the shipping quotes are relevant as per your objectives.


These are the top 3 mistakes you need to avoid while working with a new freight forwarder. Make sure you avoid these 3 mistakes so that you can partner with the perfect freight forwarding company.

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