What is the Difference between Managed & Unmanaged VPS and Which One to Choose?

Are you facing trouble with your website? Does a bit of traffic spike bring your website down? VPS hosting might be a better choice for you to deal with the growing demands of your website. For your website to grow and succeed, it needs to offer brilliant performance along with quick pace. Constant downtime or lagging can result in alienating your customers and creating a bad impression of your brand online. VPS hosting is the perfect choice as it offers all the beneficial features of a dedicated server at an economical cost. Since VPS hosting includes virtually dividing the server and assigning every individual with a part which cannot be accessed by any other account hosted on the same server. This ensures better security, stability, reliability, and management of resources as you do not have to share your assigned ones with anyone else. In this article, we will explore the two types of VPS hosting, namely managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting. Check it out. 

  1. What is managed VPS hosting?

This is the perfect option for those who are just starting out and might not have the expertise or experience to deal with the responsibilities that come with the server. You might not have the perfect in-house staff to take care of this either. Managed VPS hosting deals with all the technicalities and responsibilities of your VPS web hosting server.

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Starting from the main setup, to updating and upgrading your server, the managed web hosting service ensures it is all done successfully on time. It is perfect for small businesses that are aimed at focusing on the core responsibilities of their business instead of dealing with the web server. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of managed VPS hosting. 

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  • Advantages

The managed VPS hosting provider dealing with all of the tasks helps curb the amount of effort and time you have to sacrifice on dealing with your server. It is also economical as you do not have to hire an entire team to handle it. You are guaranteed maximum uptime which means you are available to your customers most of the time. Enjoy 24/7 technical support and a regularly updated server. Its advanced security keeps a tab on any suspicious activity and applies preventive measures before any problems crop up.

  • Disadvantages

Managed VPS hosting assigns executives to handle all aspects of your server which results in lesser control and flexibility when it comes to making decisions about your server. It also costs more than its unmanaged counterpart.

  1. What is unmanaged hosting?

The unmanaged VPS hosting means you are responsible for everything when it comes to your server. Your web hosting service will provide the server, also deal with some basic tasks for you while starting out, and then leave the entire operation in your hands. Unmanaged VPS service offers root access which allows you to customise and manage your server however you want. It is the perfect option for webmasters and developers who know how to deal with this, while people who are just starting out might find it difficult to handle. 

  • Advantages

It costs less than managed VPS hosting, while also allowing excessive control on the whole operation. So you can make your own choices and build a system that is compatible with your needs.

  • Disadvantages

You need to have a lot of experience and technical knowledge to run the VPS server. You also need to keep a constant eye on what is going on with your server as anything, if ignored, could turn into a problem. You receive limited technical support as you are in charge of managing your server entirely. While it costs less as compared to managed VPS hosting, you still have to pay additionally for the IT team you will need to hire to handle the server. It is completely your responsibility to keep your server updated to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that could prove to be a security risk.

  • Conclusion 

So which one is the best fit for you? Once you have understood what managed and unmanaged VPS hosting brings to the table, you will see that they both have their own set of pros and cons. If you have the expertise and experience required to run a VPS server, you should definitely opt for the unmanaged VPS server. However if you are just starting out in this and have scarce knowledge of the entire operation, an unmanaged server could prove to be too much responsibility for you.

Managed VPS hosting, on the other hand, provides you ample of assistance to handle your server which leaves you free to focus on other tasks that can help you generate revenue. However, if you are concerned about the higher price, then you could always opt for unmanaged web hosting services.

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